Friday, 30th March 2007: Benjamin Zephaniah @ The Annexe!


Joe hoards and shares.

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21 Responses

  1. magnuscaleb says:

    dr. benjamin…gonna rock the annexe…cheers to that!

  2. dean says:

    fuh! happening gile annexe!
    rugi yg ni akan terlepas plak.

    btw joe, how bikin sendiri? postponed or jalan as planned?

  3. myo says:

    huih. accent awek brazil ni sexy gile.. kuzzzzezzez
    wauu.. hehehe

  4. alak says:

    i’ve just watched benjamin’s video on his site.Really great vids! its more like one of those GNN videos

  5. Fahmi Reza says:

    Kalau nak tonton persembahan wayang kadbod anak-anak Kg. Berembang sebelum ini, ayuh klik saja link di bawah.

  6. doppelganger says:

    I guess the band is living up to their name more and more these days. *sob..sob

  7. xumb says:

    joe, saja nak tanya la… all those lil tiny square buttons yg colorful kat bawah setiap entry blog ni untuk apa eh? is it something like rss feed? kenapa hang tak buh rss feed?

  8. myo says:

    kuchalana playin or not?

  9. Joe Kidd says:

    xumb. those are “bookmarking” button, giving people a chance to book mark a certain post to a certain social bookmarking sites (digg, de.licious, etc.)

    I know it looks ugly on Windows, Have to tweak that soon.

    Truth is the whole site is going to pindah to a new server soon. it will start having a special ricecooker shop page for things on sale. but too busy to work on that. not yet lah.

  10. ajk surau taman desa says:

    bagus lah mung gie .. buat serabut perut je …. beres tok mung …

  11. Joe Kidd says:

    it was a bloody good show! Rahmat was the best! Benjamin very cool, ver kelakar, very good. 200+ people came, kita dapat bagi RM1000 untuk Anak Seni Kg. Berembang! Aku cukup happy. Terima kasih pada semua yang datang. I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves.

  12. Black says:


    Tak ada video ke pasal show tu? Aku dah banyak terlepas event yang menarik di Malaya…. Post la clip show kalau ada…

    Thanks in advance.


  13. acapan says:

    best jgk citer turistas. cuba korg layan.

  14. wallsplug says:

    rahmat haron best 🙂

  15. dean says:

    wah,nmpk mcm another great show kat cm. good to hear those kids dpt 1k, hrp fully utilized duit tu. tlg mak ke, belanje skolah ke. good..good.. =)

  16. Reality Strikes says:

    Joe Kidd sez: kita dapat bagi RM1000 untuk Anak Seni Kg. Berembang! Aku cukup happy.

    Saya akan berasa lebih happy kalau wang itu dapat dimanafaatkan *lebih afdal* untuk top up sewa Ricecooker Shop…

    on behalf of,
    Concerned Denizens of The “Yujie” Scene

  17. Joe Kidd says:

    point taken, RS. thanks for the concern.

    Don’t worry, the shop made some money from the show too.

    the 1K for tens of evicted squatter kids and their families living in tents is well-earned; it’s not some frivolous charity. They earned it.

  18. Joe Kidd says:

    BTW; forgot to mention that TENDERFIST didn’t make it. Wan was in Kota Kinabalu flying in for the show that day BUT as per usual Air Asia delayed the flight. He was supposed to arrive in KL at 5PM, which would be perfect. But the delay brought him in at about 10PM at LCCT. No way to reach the show in time lah.

    JEROME KUGAN kindly took over the slot at the last minutes and performed very well too.

    The unexpected 200+ attendance was largely NOT from the scene or from the pool of ricecooker’s regular readers tho’. As expected, RS, them “yugie” people are NOT concerned. It’s the same with the Tatsuya Yoshida show. What a pity.

    Well, hopefully those absent would never know what they’ve missed, that way it would not be too painful.

  19. dean says:

    baca b/g dia. mmg 1 kerugian =(

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