Friday, 27th June 2008: Crux in Taiping


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. kid says:

    Joe my friend, glad to hear that after seeing and knowing them, you seems to like the band.
    Regarding their possible next show, I just got to confirmed that with Crux when they firstly arrived.

    Nothing firm yet on another KL show (for the 19-20/7 weekend) even until their show at Awakening on 29/6.
    Venue yet to be confirmed; 1 Cafe is fully booked until August, Paul Place is not an option
    (details to this only to be disclosed personally) and MCPA is way too expensive (RM1200 rental, RM1200 for PA, RM800 for equipments). But on 29/6 itself, I did received a SMS from friends at Bacteria, Ipoh offering their place.

    Crux were leaving to the Philippines that night so we make it transparent to Crux on what options that they had for 19/7 show.
    Crux’s vocalist Anna mentioned to us that they would like play with Akta Angkasa if there’s gonna be another show on 19/7. Akta Angkasa will be heading down to Singapore to play a show with Graforlock on 19/7 with 3 other bands from here.
    And on 20/7 Akta Angkasa will be in Johor Bahru to play what seems to be an ‘all-indie’ show.
    So Crux are down with the option of playing with Akta Angkasa in Singapore on 19/7 (travelling to Singapore via train with people from 4 bands that they got to know personally here and to play with another touring band also seems to excites them). All of them gonna head up back to KL on 20/7 (after playing tourist for a bit) while Akta Angkasa got to play in JB before also heading home.

    I guess that sum up what already planned for/by them on 19-20/7 weekend.
    Again, for further explanation, please call me at 013-2497199.

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