Friday, 26th October 2007: Megadeth in Singapore


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. pseudo_satan says:

    Does anybody knows the Megadeth lineup coming to town??…
    looking forward to see Mustaine and Marty Friedman together ……

  2. safriman says:

    megadeth current lineup-mustaine, the drovers, J. lo (x-black label society-great great bass player)

    i’m a big big bigggg fan of megadeth, have most of their albums but i don’t think i could fork out a lotta money for this (ticket+ passport renewal+ pocket money plus you could watch’em ‘live’ via youtube)

    p/s holy terror, voivod, megadeth, slayer-my big 4 thrash bands

  3. metalman says:

    Marty Friedman left Megadeth and moved to Japan, where he hosts the rock tv show Rock Fujiyama. Check Youtube for proof.

  4. MegaDio says:

    Dave Mustaine kicks ass!
    F**k Metallica!
    Heaven & Hell (With Dio)?
    Ronnie Dio kicks ass!
    Ozzy Sell Out!

  5. pseudo_satan says:

    oh yea…but I was saying that 1st five albums with Marty were f***ing awsum…BUT neways when it comes to Megadeth, the kings of thrash ,
    all other bands blow

    I’m a die hard fan of megadeth for a long time now…and finally the Reckoning Day has arrived !!

  6. safriman says:

    hey I’ve seen ozzy, he’s still plenty of fun to watch!

    ++ if you like black sabbath i think its worthwhile to check out these bands too
    Corrosion of Confirmity
    Soundgarden (earlier recordings)
    Fu Manchu
    Type O Negative
    Cathedral (Lee Dorrian’s band)

    I could go on but i guess that’s quite enough. Anyway, grab a bottle of snapple, bang yer head and rock away boss, black sabbath style! da da da da da, dadadadadad a da da daaaa !!!!!! ImI

  7. safriman says:

    I am truly sorry that i missed out the great “acid bath”, how could i be so dumb, anyway please please please check out their albums..peace mr boss!

    p/s i sooooo love that New Orleans sludge!

  8. PIEper says:

    check out the “countdown to extinction” album
    really awesome

  9. thee dr. says:

    yeah i saw facedownshit at the relapse contamination tour show with fuck the facts and it was awesome…

  10. thee dr. says:

    voivod over megadeth for sure

  11. safriman says:

    some of former relapse artist i’ve seen nile (w/ morbid angel @ toads place, new haven), today is the day (w/ helmet @ rit, rochester), neurosis (w/ biohazard + pantera @ buffalo, ny) and i guess i saw coalese too at the legendary tune inn (new haven)
    i like converge very very much (as much as i like candiria) but haven’t got the chance to see’em live.
    …………….relapse rules

  12. dean says:

    lucky u safriman! grr… hahaha..

  13. demang says:

    u’re soo lucky as hell..hahaha..

  14. klyfer says:

    i will sure go for the MEGAshow

  15. it doesn’t matter
    who what where
    the fact is
    the deth’ are here
    let’s go Safriman
    bring Abie along
    (but i think he’s a raver now)
    i wonder
    if they do Angry Again live

  16. red says:

    wow, what a that was. i’ve travelled to Europe to experience the “metal crowd” only to learn the Singapore fans are just as wild. Excellent performance, energetic crowd. To me a worth it gig is whwn you got home with your clothes wet, voice gone and body aching. So who’s next?!

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