Friday, 23rd February 2007: Laid Out, Free Film Screening


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. dean says:

    Please come and bring along everyone you know.

    We just have another addition: James Lee’s A Beautiful Washing Machine


    So things will go like this:

    1 – A Year of Living Vicariously (aka Ada Apa Dengan Indonesia)
    2 – A Beautiful Washing Machine
    3 – Someone Wants to Tell You Something (aka Benda Aneh Bernama Cinta)

  2. dean says:

    brief details:

    The Year of Living Vicariously
    63m / Indonesia-Malaysia / 2005

    This split-screen documentary by a Malaysian director
    chronicles the shooting of the Indonesian film Gie (2005)
    in the middle of 2004, which is also when the country is
    undergoing its first direct presidential elections.
    Opinions from the cast, crew and extras of the film are
    sought on politics, filmmaking and the national myths of
    the past and present.

    with Amanda Marahimin Nicholas Saputra Edwin Riri Riza
    camera Rudolf Angelo Ratulangi
    editor Azharr Rudin
    executive producer Mira Lesmana
    producer, director Amir Muhammad

    Benda Aneh Bernama Cinta
    Someone Wants to Tell You Something
    89m / Malaysia / 2007

    Against a college backdrop of gigs, rushed assignments
    and hormonal rushes, sensitive new male Ezra is
    falling in love with the more extrovert Aleeyah. And
    he’s falling hard. But she’s, like, whatEVER. Ezra’s
    barely expressed romantic confusion finds form in the
    not-quite-linear, deftly observed, pop-inflected
    immediacy of this tale, which even has the ghost of a
    built-in twin story. Does the answer lie in the stars?
    Or does she just think someone else is better than
    Ezra? See this with someone you pine for.

    cast Herman Ishak Nur Amanda Zainal Abidin
    Adam Yahya Melissa Maureen Rizal
    Yasmin Ahmad
    camera Albert Hue
    music Akta Angkasa Sevencollar T-Shirt Love Me Butch Hardesh Singh
    producer Ahmad Puad Onah
    executive producer Rosihan Baharudin
    writer, editor, director Azharr Rudin

  3. Azharr Rudin says:

    Benda Aneh Bernama Cinta will start at 9.05pm instead and followed by The Beautiful Washing Machine (113m). Harap Maklum.

  4. myo says:

    bleh bawak bantal ke ngan air ribena bancuh?

  5. dean says:

    For those who might concern

    Artport Shah Alam
    It’s Good to be in Love
    (aka Disaster after Valentine’s 3)

    Financial Statement

    Total donation collected = Rm 1477

    (-) Equipment Rental Rm 650
    (-) Band’s payment Rm 560
    (-) Artport Contribute Rm 50
    (-) Lucky Draw Rm 100

    Balance Rm 117

    * Each band get Rm80 (Rm80 x 7 = Rm560)
    * With the balance of Rm117 we ‘open table’ for almost all crew involved

    Thanks to all bands played, all nice people who donated, all labels and individuals who supported, all people who attended and especially to all crew who made it all happen! THANKS TO EVERYONE!!!

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