Friday, 22nd September 2006: Unclogged’s Rojak Sotong Buffet Dinner Dance Party!


Joe hoards and shares.

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13 Responses

  1. thugstone souljah says:

    to those thinking they can get in for free without paying…. joe’s not in charge of the door no more…. its under the house management and doorbitch(es). this came about because a lot of you started abusing joe’s friendship and all round niceness. so there you go…. it’s about time freeloaders start paying for their own…because if you keep wanting a hand out…. you’ll get nowhere in life. simple truth. please reflect on it.

  2. mohd JAYzuan says:


  3. ejoi says:

    Sikit-sikit nak masuk percuma, sikit-sikit nak masuk percuma!
    Nak kencing pun sekarang ini kena bayar, jadi bayarlah kalau nak berseronok!
    Mari kita hapuskan spesis ‘manusia penagih percuma’! 🙂

  4. bodoh says:

    Yahu isap kokok tigabuluh mimit!

  5. anti macho says:

    yg badan besar/gemuk yg jaga entrace (muka cam cina ) tu,jgn la poyo COOL dan poyo macho sgt,
    tau la jaga tiket..tgk muka pun aku rasa nok tumbuk..buat biasa dah la…

  6. adibazfar says:

    yeahhh!… sumbang tak main dah ke? ahahha!

  7. THe CIVIL DUDE says:


    Hey joe Is THere Still A free Slot cause I Just Finish My Trial And Dont Know What To Do heheh 🙂

  8. THe CIVIL DUDE says:

    Hey Guys Is Mr Steril Assembly going to play At Paul’s Place or Havana cause I Went To THeir Page It’s Say there At Paul’ Place

  9. Joe Kidd says:

    encik civil dude, do turn off your handphone for a while k.

    anyway, that thing on their page was written way before they started their travels. it was supposed to be at pauls, but tak jadi since the guys who were supposed to organise the show had a bit of commucation breakdown between themselves, so it’s Lil’ Havana lah.

    ok, now you can turn on the bloody phone again lah.

    see you there aiman!

  10. The Civil Dude says:

    Ohh……. ok Well Hehe 🙂

    Well See You There JOE !!! 🙂

  11. The Civil Dude says:

    The ‘HANDSOME RAIS” didn’t Play again ????

    Hmm…… Maybe they’re busy or something…… hmm…….

  12. Joe Kidd says:

    hey civil dude,
    you there? call me! or get on IM – dungboy. rm

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