Saturday, 7th July 2007: Folk The System! Part 1 @ The Annexe


Joe hoards and shares.

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41 Responses

  1. rzman says:

    Band The Tag Team confirm main.

  2. Rzmin says:

    Rzman tarbus muthafukin sucks eat dogshit f”k teeth!

  3. Jani B says:

    Eh kena join nih…

  4. poodien says:

    other bands/performers that might joint the happenin’ but need to reconfirm are: naked butterfly, carburetor dung, freygyle, ‘melissa n abroko’ n the eleanor shotgun affair. Need more ‘angry’ ;-0 folks out there!!

  5. Joe Kidd says:

    konfirmed so far:

    Wolf Spunky
    Ah Tham & Yandsen

    Zai Kuning
    Carburetor Dung
    The Abang Guard (!)

  6. Joe Kidd says:

    yes, for got to add, GERGASI in a punk rock mode.

  7. Joe Kidd says:

    Sori, ada satu lagi: The Bebex in Dang Dut Mode

  8. rzman says:

    brader, The Tag Team join confirm punya!

  9. Joe Kidd says:

    OK two new confirmations:

    The Pips


  10. xumb says:

    SHOCK SYSTEM pun confirm! cantekkk!!!

  11. Yuen says:

    The Pips? Band apa tu?

  12. rzman says:

    Avroco pon nak main, dah konfom

  13. rzman says:

    Wolf Spunky
    Ah Tham & Yandsen
    Avroco and Melissa
    The Pips
    the Eleanor Shotgun Affair
    The Tag Team
    Naked Butterfly
    The Tag Team
    Zai Kuning
    Carburetor Dung
    The Abang Guard (!)

  14. syukree says:

    ada artikel baru.
    1. pasal kepercaya kepada tuhan
    2. artikel hisham rais pada Um nak kena jual
    ada masa sila komen 🙂

  15. myo says:

    joe. tongkat nak main!
    nak main


  16. Hmm I might want to play this but not sure yet hehehehe 😛

  17. rzman says:


    Wolf Spunky
    Ah Tham & Yandsen
    Avroco and Melissa
    The Pips
    the Eleanor Shotgun Affair
    The Bebex
    Naked Butterfly
    The Tag Team
    Zai Kuning
    Carburetor Dung
    The Abang Guard (!)

  18. xnizangx says:

    against me satu alak hahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. rizie says:

    a’ah.wagon wheel pun pun,jd kan,sape2 dpt mainkan lagu i still love u julie,lg gempak beb.pasti singalong!hahaha.lagu berhantu tu. 🙂

  20. poodien says:

    we are also gonna have visual art exhibition on that day… so bring all your punkrock artwork, stencil, modern (f)art crap, masterpiece, rubbish,etc to the cafe. the deadline is 6th July2007. (expecting something out of frame).. call me!-0132437092

  21. alak says:

    against me tadak ah nizang,the clash saje.

  22. awesome.hi wolf.hey joe!
    i’ll see if i can make it.


  23. Pijan says:

    punk goes acoustic? oh nope,it’s folk!
    their system work for them!
    the system you hate is the system you support! –Crude SS
    pork the mantol!hahahaha

  24. envy says:

    wah best nie..

    request song to pusher: september buleh ke?

  25. MoKUjiN says:

    wohoo bawak lagu john lennon give peace a chance gerek sing along .. sayang tak dapat turun la

  26. scum says:

    naked butterfly siot!

  27. Nox says:

    Cun flyer! Pity I can’t go, work sucks but I need the bucks!

  28. xnizangx says:

    cd punkrock paradox on sale tonite for rm10 only!

  29. poodien says:

    many many thanks to the people, the bands, friends who turned up last nite… it was a great moment.. see you on the next folk for the folk nite when we had the next one…. soon

  30. xnizangx says:

    folk punk fest

  31. shahrizal says:

    avroco rocks! hahaha passed out terus

  32. poodien says:

    for those who documented the show last nite, in photo or videos, we kindly ask you guys to make a copy for us. You can send them to ricecooker shop or give us ur photoweb add.TQ!

  33. xumb says:

    shock system would like to say thanks to bau-bau cafe and ricecooker shop for putting up the show and calling us to play last nite. the whole show was awesome! we had a blast(though my guitar was out of tune, and our replacement guitarist was nervous! well it is “a nite of twisted frets and broken strings” rite? hahaha!), we had fun! gratitude to joe, hisham, poodien, man, emel, the crew, old and new friends and everyone who came! kudos, and here’s for the next round of folk the system! awww yeahhh!!!

  34. XXPijanXX says:

    You gonna be so damn rock n’ roll!
    Double fuk to zaxx for not show up last nite!
    Fuk you zaxx, you’re not true!
    hahaha x lapan belas ribu!

  35. rzman says:

    pijan lu kecoh bocah.el-broko rules!!

  36. rizie says: ruless!! ekekkeke.

  37. alak says:

    tagak gambar ka?

  38. alak says:

    tadak gambar ka?

  39. rizie says:

    alak,the pips best!hehehe.altantuyaaaa……ekekekeke..

  40. XXPijanXX says:

    mantol a.k.a. Razman a.ka. manjambu!fuk you konon cool kontrol kontol! pantek! hahaha
    abu roko sucks!

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