FluxUs: Experimental Music Store Opens in Singapore


Joe hoards and shares.

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4 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    must go ni..

  2. Bar Maldoror says:

    arrogant staff, high prices (ie. S$40 per cd) , poor selection of music, uninspiring environment, unapologetically elitist. Not a single element of the art movement, Fluxus, exists in this store despite the use of the name. Definitely none of the humour. Ultimately shallow in its artistic pretensions.

    What a terrible store !

  3. thanks for the “review” mr. moldoror. i always think the “unapologetically elitist” nature comes with the territory, not just the genre but also the isle.

  4. Bar Maldoror says:

    a few months later, i went to the store again, and all that has changed. friendly staff, alright prices, improved selection, etc etc. i have heard that they are moving to a new location. worth a visit.

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