F:Code – Pemeriksaan Polis


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. xnizangx says:

    terbaik! on yourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr face!! fukk u encik baju biru!! pegi masuk neraka.

  2. BoyDxF says:

    yeah…Fark the Police!!!

  3. f?§riq says:

    pemeriksaan polis di hadapan..
    sila sediakan wang secukupnya..

  4. zaxxtypeface says:

    For this matter, I have to quotes these:

    “Do you see that street? That street is the dish of life… and you boys are appetizers. Somebody gonna come along, eat you up and forget about you by dessert.”

    “The street is the only thing that matters. Court is for uptown people with suits, money, lawyers with three names. If you got cash you can buy court justice. But on the street, justice has no price. She’s blind where the judge sits but she’s not blind out here. Out here the bitch got eyes.”

    Both memorable quotes by Fat Mancho from ‘Sleepers’ (1996). Quite effective indeed when dealing with real life… reality that is. Yes, i do agree by doing some scribbles, graffiti or ‘whatsofuckingever you want to name it’ will caught some eyes for awareness or something could be think of afterwards. But, for the real impact for the masses or at least for the community of the thoughtful thought. We need to further it a bit more. I mean… we should be the ‘rat’ (hence the name. Hi, Rat!) of the system that worked for. Or at least be the real good one… likely… if you’re vendor, be a good vendor… treat consumer as you wanna be treated of. If you’re teacher… be a good teacher. Let those kids know what exactly the educational system they/we’ve been dealing with. If you’re doctor. Be a good doctor. Treat your patient well. Or if you’re cop (heh!). Be a good cop (Is there any? I wonder). Eat the rules been set up for you. Doing it for the people. Arrest those who promoted or practice bribery & those corruptions. If you’re scriptwriter. Write about injustice they’ve made. Tell the audiences of mass media about these unjust act by those greedy pigs. If you’re lawyer. Be a good lawyer. Take a real good care of our comrades of the so called poor people. Help ’em to speak up in those man-made-justice called court. If you’re web developer. Make as many as website to oppose ’em back as they’ve spreading those lies about us. Spread the propaganda as they’ve been spreading scums at our lives. If you’re writer. Write about love, peace, harmony… or at least about destructions they’ve made. Let readers know. Retaliate back. Make those zines or those manifestos widespread among masses. We should move around ’em. Slowly as a rat (hence the name again). So, there I suggest us to stand up & speak up. Act… before it’s too late. Yerp, it’s getting cheesy & sound cliche. Yet, I believe we need encore like this one… again and again. To make us (and masses) realize about what they’re (and have been) dealing with. This current system need us to be more effective & professional (yerp, professional… that’s the word). Much respect to Joe, Rat, Nizang, Zeezam, Boy, Fariq & friends in here. Thanks.

  5. syukree says:

    pinjam gambar. nak letak kat blog!

  6. mat yie ke says:

    kul gila, selepas kencing kat dbkl.

  7. hey syukree, ambik aje and then upload to your server. jangan link, aku punye bandwidth doh kene warning nih. terima kasih ba’nyok…


    p/s: blog address ade?

  8. lipan says:

    bley disavekan tak gambar tuh…menarik arrrrrr…penuh dengan makna…ble???

  9. syukree says:

    joe url blog aku dah email ko .. tak nak buat promosi kat sini 😛

  10. rat says:

    sapa2 nak gunakan gambar ni ntuk apa2 tujuan sekalipun malah kalau korang rasa nak hantar gambar ni kat polis sambil mendedahkan siapa yg buat pun tak jadi hal.

    piece ni buat ngan sorang bdak pompuan dari johor……dia nak experience sendiri macamana keluar malam2 dan buat benda macam ni.
    sejak apa yg aku buat keluar kat ricecooker…ramai yg ajak aku ‘date’ pkul 12 tgh malam hingga ke pagi…..baik laki2, perempuan dan adik2 masih kat sekolah menengah.
    kebanyakan yg ikut aku ‘shooting’ just ikut untuk dapat ‘feel’, ikut je la buntut aku kemana pun aku pegi. tlg jaga line masa aku tgh ‘stim’ hidu kabus spray tu.
    pada sapa2 yg penah ikut aku tu…..terima kasih!

    namun, aku paling seronok ‘date’ ngan dia nie sebab dia tak sekadar ikut aku malam tu…..dia ada buat beberapa mural yg cantik[tak tau mcmana nak puji artwork dia sbb aku tak ada bckground seni]

    sapa2 lagi nak ikut aku pegi shoot sekitar kl [rasa cam tour guide lak] dicadangkan supaya menumpukan sepenuh kesabaran untuk memotong stencil sendiri….cam bdak pompuan ni, trus terang je cakap dia tak boleh bersabar masa nak potong stensil…..tu pasal dia buat mural….ok la tu kan…..takde la ikut je!! baru la seronok sikit!

    dengan izin dia dan of course perkenan dari joe nanti aku akan cuba masukkan gambar lukisan dinding dia kat dalam ricecooker ni.

    thnx again!

  11. Azreen says:

    at last we knew the person behind all the beautiful works.
    thou the name didnt ring any bells, you works does inspired a lot of people.
    you sound very down to earth!
    i really love to know more bout you and sure does lot other people out there!
    somebody should have been interviewing you right now!

    gud luck to rat
    hope that you’ll never get caught!


  12. Azreen says:

    one more thing!
    i would love to be the next girl ‘dating’ you!
    i’ll do my best to cut my own stencil….hihiihii.

  13. lipan says:

    macam mane, gue ingin contact kamu en. rat???aktiviti tu nampak macam seronok jek…..sebab gue pun ade gak stencil2 yang masih belum dieksploitasikan lagi????ble saya turut serta???

  14. Azreen says:

    u patut cuba email mereka thru’ fcodes@graffiti.net.
    i ada email before and they gave great feedbacks!

  15. lipan says:

    rat akuh tggu artwork baru dari ko……

  16. fightfirewithfire says:

    i have to say whoever who did this really had guts..
    i saw this in several places around medan pasar, i noe it wudnt make much diff but hey, whats wrong
    with voicing out opinions?

    to whoever who did this.. i salute u.
    a simple and effective way of rebelling.

    Albert Einstein – keep everything as simple as possible, but no simpler..

  17. ianthesokitcore says:

    Biasanya polis yg sial klu mau tau muka dia macam setan nie…Then,klu mau tau muka polis yg baik muka dia ceria2 jak…

  18. yap says:

    pinjam gambo blh? nak letak kat blog 😀

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