Fanzui Xiangfa: Southeast Asian Tour 2009


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. ssp says:

    Is it Mao ya’ brudaa…
    Looooks lmore like Chinese Democracy to meee
    O’ yeahhh

    Take a look at our blog..
    Lots anti-Najib pop-art stylez!!

    NU punx style…!

  2. dean says:


    am going to send you fanzui’s SSS flyer later. I did sent you SSS may gig calendar but maybe you’ve never receive them since there’s no update here.

  3. Joe says:

    hey dean, thanks. will search for the mail you sent.

  4. famy says:

    jom ramai ramai datang embrace hall tgk Fanzui Xiangfa 23hb nie…..datang jangan tak datang!!!

  5. xnizangx says:

    fanzui Xiangfa fucking awesome band!!! great line-ups great show. hope there’ll be another show in KL?

  6. dean says:

    I suppose they did asked (through Awirth) if there are any KL organiser willing to do a farewell show for them.

    For any correspondence, please contact Awirth to confirm.


  7. Joe says:

    it was a good night out. never been to SSS before, so it an eye opener for me too. great space! love the red and black. the bands were all good. but i must admit i missed Foliage. was outside smoking.

    Deng Deng and friends had a good time I saw. They play kinda straight-up fast basic, punkish rock with some post-punk influences and some remnants of grunge. Fangzui rocks the best that night, including the Misfits and Naked Raygun covers. Crimescene was good too but i believe Man’s guitar was a bit outta tune. Never seen them before but heard the tape. Not far from the tape stuff, stoner riffage flits between fast craziness.

    and yes, happy birthday to Haq. Sorry tak makan upstairs, we went down to the mamak; the tandoori was awesome. tanya nizang kalu tak percaya boss!

    thanks to those responsible, i had a good time and I will go there again bila ada drebar!

    BTW: Fangzui will be back on June 1st and according to Arwith, there may be a show on for them that day at Noisy. Not confirmed though.

  8. dean says:

    cool! pity me for not being able to make it there on wednesday’s night. yeah, just spoken to the band and awirth, a show is planned at noisy by the crew (ijat and friends) on 2nd june. think they’ll post the updates soon, once it’s ready for sure.

  9. haq says:

    thanks joe..
    great you like the space..
    feel free if you have anything to suggest for the studio shop space.

    thanks for the birthday wish.. no prob..i was shocked when my mom came for the surprise party. do come again and we can eat tandoori all night.

  10. BoyDxF says:

    I like FangZui style! and also thanx to Joe kerna share makang roti dan ayam kat mamak bawah hari tu. It was my first trip to SSS too.Happy B day to Haq

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