Faizal Tajuddin: Making a mundane noisy show a threat again…


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  1. shahrizal says:

    “PUSARA MEDIA” candle light vigil

    satu acara berkabung dan protes atas kematian etika media/journalis dalam melaksanakan tugar dan melaporkan berita-berita yang beranalisis kukuh dan benar.

    – berarak daripada PUTRA LRT Bangsar ke bangunan pejabat NEWS STRAITS TIMES – Harian Metro di Jalan Riong, Bangsar.
    – berkumpul dan menyalakan lilin di hadapan pejabat NST.
    – persembahan teater jalanan, sajak, speech dan aksi-aksi yang dirasakan patut.

    – sila berpakaian hitam.
    – sila bawa lilin dan botol mineral sebagai tapak lilin.
    – sila bawa banner, placard, puppets, musical instruments sendiri dengan mesej yang sesuai.
    – semua orang boleh participate untuk baca puisi, street teater dan persembahan yang lain.
    – perjumpaan/meeting sebelum acara di UBU Bangsar pada hari Jumaat 13/01/2006, pada pukul 8.00 malam.

    Tarikh: 14 January 2006 (Sabtu)
    Tempat: berkumpul di kawasan bawah stesen PUTRA LRT Bangsar.
    Masa: 8:00 – 8:30 malam (masa berkumpul)
    Kontak: 016 9045205 / 013 2437092

  2. dean says:

    just wondering la eh, since i was not the one yg kena tangkap and attend the gig (was there but no intention to get in la), i might not be the right person to raise the issue, maybe it had even be settled down, but as i’m curious, i just want to know la, where are those people behind dyslexia for all this while ya? i heard that they are the real organizer (nah..i don’t know, it might be rumours?) but when the place was raided, the no. 1 guy was there, not in the balai, but outside waiting for the others. it was ok. then esoknya bila time conference, yeah…there was this wakil for the organizer, still ok. but until now, i’m just curious what happen to all the money collected from the sponsorship (each sponsor pays rm200 mind you!) and from the tickets rm15 each (come with cabutan bertuah as metro quote, bodoh la paper ni). did you paid paul for the rental (50-50 or 60-40 deals?), did u paid mokthar for his equipment (heard his equipment still in the balai, duh…jahanam, mahal2 belaka tu)? or do u still keep the money? nak refund or anything? well, i have no buruk2 intention / prasangka towards organizer but i think this need some explaination rite? some kind of post-mortem etc… maybe blh redakan confusion di kalangan mereka yg hadir. to fight an evil we must first understand the basic element of living, responsibility, tanggungjawab, if we have the sense of tanggungjawab, i think we could (although it takes 100years) fight the tyrants.

    dean, soon to be capilatist, yehaa! 😉

  3. piesay says:

    i might not be the right person who should answer this but i guess those peeps at dyslexia was nowhere to be seen, i guess im here to answer all those queries. the money was taken by the police with those two kids who handle the ticketing. myself and other peeps from dyslexia was talking to a policeman (dunno the position but i guess his name is dzuraidi), he assured us that this is nothing and just a normal check up. two or three minutes later, a group of police were came with two white van which were later follow up with 2 black maria lorries. at this time, we were still there talking to the police, what happened and what is the reason for the raid. i guess, hes a just a kuli with no power, he opt to support his boss and continue with the raid. this was around 10.30pm. a fren of us who were at the mamak managed to call my wife and asked us to go away. i was still there hoping that i can help to talk to the police. but i was told that the police act under the pressure of the media. the media is the one who kept depicting that the event was a black metal event. again, i am not sure why dsylexia has not come forward in this issue but being a friend of those who got caught that nite, i can only say one thing, dare to be different. normality is lame.

  4. zaxxtypeface says:

    “dean, soon to be capilatist, yehaa! ;)”

    Oh mannnn… Dean, what’s up with the ‘C.A.P.I.L.A.T.I.S.T’ word? Your enthusiastic by typing that one clearly shown here. No need to rush man, you’re about getting there soon… obviously. Geeezzz…

  5. the doctor says:

    yeah this is what i’m talking about-a class action lawsuit for false imprisonment and defamation of character-don’t take this abuse lying down -because if you don’t fight for your freedom and liberty then you don’t deserve to have it-but this is symptomatic of a larger problem-malay children are always taught to respect authority figures-these authority figures being pretty much anyone older than them,teachers,imams,total strangers and you have to accept whatever is said or done to you because if you stand up for yourself you are a rampant egoist,kurang ajar every ephitet you can imagine but is this really the case?there is a difference between humility and institionalized cultural debasement of self-which is what malays generally equate with humility-malay people are in a state of transition,mentally,and spiritually-they feel like they have been lied to by everyone all their lives and they want to search for the true reality

  6. dean says:

    ahaha…typo error. biasa la tu. nak jadik CAPITALIST sgt, kan dah padan muka ;p

  7. duan says:

    hahaha dean kacak :p

  8. ijam315 says:

    To all our friends out there, which doesn’t matter from which genre you might belong to (metal, hardcore,punk,indie or any other genre), there will be a gathering for the Independent Music Scene this Saturday 21st January 2006 at Paul’s Place, Jalan Klang Lama on 3 pm.
    The main purpose for this gathering is to setup a community which will be under the banner of Society of Independent and Amateur Musicians (SIAM) whereby will be our main voices soon to each genre under the independent music scene; thus to help every single musician and to encourage unity amongst the people in the scene. With this, we would like to setup a community which could represent ourselves, to create an awareness to the publics and to educate the masses of the purpose within the independent music scene; and therefore to eliminate all the negative perspective upon us. Petition for this community will be launched during the session and we would be appreciate for those who will get involve to join and act. There will be an explanation over this issue during the session.
    The memorandum which will be sign by the representativeswhich will be selected on that day will be shared by the particular participants on that day.

    We do that most of the comrade will understand the important of this gathering.

    For those who lives outside Kelang Valley and wanted to be part of this, kindly email us at :


    Society of Independant and Amatuer Musicians Gathering.
    Date : 21 January 2006
    Time : 3pm
    Place : Paul Place Jalan Kelang Lama
    Entrance fee : FREE

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