Eucalypt / Kias Fansuri: SEA Tour 2007/2008


Joe hoards and shares.

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11 Responses

  1. dean says:

    fuh..dia punya date!

  2. arwith_utarid says:

    biasak lah , band papakerma !!

    hehe 😉

  3. dean says:

    hahaha..ngko wit! mcpa x jd? move to ganu? smarties!

  4. duan says:

    band aku pun nk msk papakerma jgk,bole dean? 🙂

  5. abbas salimi bin hussain says:

    wow!wow!xtau pon devilica pi indon nnt bulan 1..nk ikut wei!!

  6. dean says:

    nk jd band papakerma kena buat discography dulu

    kuang kuang kuang…

    tu la psl, devi dh nk gi indon, good luck!

  7. arwith_utarid says:

    bersama mengorak langkah!! huhu…

  8. duan says:

    ok2 nnt aku buat hehe..devilica power!

  9. xnizangx says:

    ganu??? wow!

  10. nizang says:

    kat jerantut tak wat ke arwith? ade venue tu…for pahang.

  11. dean says:


    Mark your calendar for DISASTER – THE CLOSURE coming this April 20th!!

    OFF MINOR (NY Post Punk), Killeur Calculateur & many others would be there!


    please contact either me @ awirth (utarid::bookings) for further details


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