Dung’s Sheep Farming in Malaysia 7″, Free Download!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. shahrizal says:

    yeay! never heard this one
    the only dung i heard was “song for friends”

  2. xnizangx says:

    for those who have the piring, and want to sell, do contact me. nizangmosh@gmail.com

    willing to pay extra.


  3. shahrizalisme says:

    This remind me of 1993 memory. I was in Form 3 when one day a friend of mine, Mang (Kuchalana) brought CDung’s first album to hostel after the usual weekend outing at Kuala Terengganu. We enjoyed the song by sharing the walkman earphone one each to our ear…I still remember clearly the picture in cassette lay out cover where a guy says ‘Calm’.

    The introduction of punk has begun, since then the rest is history!

  4. lori says:

    bila mo bikin betul-betul punya new released?bikin satu album yang melankolik lah boss hahaha

  5. shahrizal says:

    i remember asking joe why dung tak main melodic dah, he said something like “we’ve all grown older and a lot angrier” or something like that lah. hehe

  6. lori says:

    haha bukan lebih tua jadik cam lebih mellow ka?hurmm if that so, i think we gonna start a petition asking C.Dung start releasing melodic songs hahaha

  7. Joe Kidd says:

    Lori, thank you. But we do have one almost “medolic” song coming out on a comp CD put together by Knot Records & Ricecooker Shop very soon.

    It’s called “A Fine Line of Numb”, basically a good advice to all of you young ones to ditch punk rock as soon as possible and embrace “jadedness” in all it’s inviting bosoms. The last verse urges you all to “just say goodbye, and die!”

    As for the new album, we are mixing it next Sunday and no, it’s not “medolic”, it’s largely a mix of short’n’fast tunes (faster than the ones on Allure!) with some slower “mat-rock-disampuk-Iwan-Fals” punya punk rock. Very goyang-able, but also very “marah-marah”.

    As for why we are not writing new “medolic” songs, I have no clear answer, other than the fact that our collective faith in people in general is diminishing. The world is truly fucked, and that “no future” slogan from way back 1976 is gloriously spot on.

    As abang Nick (Cave) said it:

    People just ain’t no good
    I think that’s well understood
    You can see it everywhere you look
    People just ain’t no good

    During the early days, we thought that if the songs are accessible enough for people outside of the scene to get into, singalong to and memorise the lyrics, they would understand and hopefully inspired enough to treat the world and their neighbours with a bit more respect.

    Yup, a bit of “hippy shit” there, but we sincerely believed in that shit. Now, we’re much older and we know better. On hindsight, all that naive sloganeering and happy-happy singalong is looking pretty dumb.

    Don’t get me wrong though. We still like playing those songs, and we love having people singing-along and jump around to them. But they are not necessarily a good snapshot of how we feel about everything these days.

    So in a way, we are getting angrier as we get older. I think that is just natural.

  8. sheena chan says:

    oh really joe, its finally out eh..? this explains a lot of things, seriously…Do you mind to check the junkmails again?

  9. sheena chan says:

    No worry, Carburetor Dung would always be the best of the best, no doubt about it..There is no way other bands can replace or overshadow or stealing their limelight. So all the best to carburetor dung. Peace!

  10. weasel says:

    haha aku ada 7 nih..

  11. lori says:

    Believe me dude, one day u gonna stuck writing and releasing bunch of mellow sweet sweet goyang-goyang catchcy tunes….for me, never been a dumb from my early days grewing-singing-along with yr song till now….naah never!then come all the way grind music which i have too listen coz most of the guys in klang that time menjerit-jerit dengan irama tersebut ( well, a felt asleep mostly in all their jamming session)…then all the way came this guy(zam TDD) introduce me to as sahar and some of the ol’ rock kangkang and the only thing i kept listening to(besides RATM-*duh*) is from C.dung

    Eventually time goes by, when our ears become lazy to listen this kind of fast and marah marah songs..

    err of course laa Pilgrims pun mase tu ader influence besarpada kita but thats is another story…

  12. sheena chan says:

    support your local scene! ceh..

  13. i got extra 1 copy, anyone interested to buy it, make your offer !!


  14. haq says:

    how about rm80?

  15. are you serious ? HAQ , RM80 for carburetor dung 7″ ?

  16. i’ll wait within 7 days, if anyone offer more higher (its based on trust , and serious bidder only) please left your email .. thank you.

  17. haq says:

    yeah. i’m serious. its a rare item. but i wish you could end this ‘e-bay’ thing faster as i might be out of town when the ‘auction’ ends.


    p/s: just let me know where to pick it up.

  18. actually i just want to be fair to other as well, but you seem very serious about this 7″ep, i’ll sell it to you and stop take any request about it. could you meet me at ricecooker shop on weekday ?? around 6-8 pm. thanks

  19. i got extra 1 copy of “HAPUSKAN ISA” compilation 7″EP
    this compilation released around 1997 cooperation between UNDER THE ONE ROOF RECORDS (my label that started in 1993) and VIEW BEYOND records (CZECH REP) – 1 song each bands- THE BOLLOCKS, HARD STANCE, THE UN’NORMAL, HOSTILE DISGRACE, DISASTER FUNHOUSE and 24REASONS – first and the only Malaysian Punk/HC compilation on vinyls until today from my acknowledge. Anyone interested, make your offer !!

  20. haq says:

    sure, so you will be there any day? i’ll take teh ‘hapuskan isa’ too.

  21. No, you need to confirm with me 1-2 days in advance.. (next week)
    about the “hapuskan isa” comp 7″EP make your offer !


  22. haq says:

    sure. email me your handphone number.
    i have the ‘hapuskan isa’. but my friend wants it. so i’ll ask him how much his willing to pay. how about 24reasons records? do you still have any?

  23. No more 24 REASONS 8″ for sale anymore, but soon i’ll re press on square 8″ around this year ( still limited to 20 ).. i’ll send the email or you could check basement records blog for update..

  24. xnizangx says:

    fuck…i havent checked ricecooker in a couple of days. i missed hapuskan isa and dung vinyls. who else have extra copies?

  25. xnizangx says:

    i went to a record store yesterday and guess what. carburetor’s “songs for friends” was re-released by EMI. complete with new design (distorted version of the original) with kertas terbakar brown color.

    so, what the dungs gonna say bout this?

    i asked the tokey, she told me EMI bought the rights from VSP.

  26. sheena chan says:

    i smell something fishy…bau ikan patin masak tempoyak..haha

  27. haq says:

    syamir, can we meet at ricecooker on thursday aroun 6-8pm?

  28. yes, should not be a problem, how about hapuskan isa comp 7 “ep ?
    cos someone are interested with it , thanks

  29. Joe Kidd says:

    hello people, been a bit busy these past few weeks.

    Yeah, I would like to confirm the BAD news. Late last year EMI bought all of VSP’s releases, and that means everything from my band’s first album to Silkhannaz, SlumScums, etc. etc,

    So it happened again. One guy from EMI called me up about three months ago and asked me if we wanna work with them, but of course that’s a stupid question. I gave him a big NO NO, and yet, here we are. They put it out without our permission.

    The thing is the recording was owned by VSP but the songs are still mine, so do expect some legal action soon.

    At the moment of writing this, I haven’t seen the new CD. I do wonder if they have remastered the thing.

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