Dull Entertainment Programme: This One’s Forever CD


Joe hoards and shares.

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28 Responses

  1. thee dr. says:

    Hellyeah!!! East Coast is the best!!!

  2. redneckhope says:

    Retro-Retro-Retro.. Under the sea.. Oh! Under the sea.
    Thee Dr. who’s was with the troop!

  3. verykurangajar says:

    thee dr dude, shut the fuck up!u r fucking annoying

  4. thee dr. says:


    Verykurangajar-Really? That’s not what your Mom told me! Yeah! I made a new friend! (or maybe an old friend with a new name?)

  5. thee dr. says:


  6. redneckhope says:

    Ohh My God.Omigid.OMG.I thought the nailgun had safety?

  7. Fizan says:

    “i who have nothing to give..for you to live!” hehe
    inilah modal aku buat ngorat awek dulu kat itm..hahaha
    Cayalah Acai!
    Oh, where’s Farah from Kuantan? the girl who dances like crazy during DEP set live at Fire Disco in ’98 or 97′ something..If not mistake, it’s the same show when Ari Shocked get spanked by Papa Expired ..I can’t recall at all but I tell ya, if you want to beat people physically..let them become more older and got no power anymore, then yeah that’s the perfect time to defeat them! Not enough real-gentleman like? Fuk off! Woo hoo!! Ok, I dont promote violence inhere, forgive me my friends. In fact, i’m the real cowardice. Hoho!

    Well..punkrocker dengar indie? hehe..fuk you! unless of course you feed n breed me from born would be an exception! I’ve been into so much silly thought recently, like..hey you’re punkrocker but working with big company? Hmm..tired to answer for a stupid docks like the ones who screams to fuck the system yet the only thing they knew is the word ‘system’ and ‘fuck’. You can’s fuck the system like those real ‘fucks’ on the bed man, you’ve to be a police. Do you ever feel of being cheated? Don’t worry, everyone is cheating here inclusive myself. Haha
    Hai Zul Khesom! where da’ hell r u long dicks?

  8. apit says:

    it was apit who got punched not ari..pukul belakang..kira pukul curi..

  9. Fizan says:

    Hey Apit, dulu kau ada datang fifteen subang kan?
    ok aku ingat lagi kau..aku Pijan, gig tu x silap aku dtg ngn Zam Porno
    ngn Aie ‘homophobic”..haha..ingat lagi kes tu..tapi Zam bagus,
    dia tak libatkan kawan2 lain..down to earth as hell!
    Ari drummer, baru aku ingat..dia rapat ngn Zaki dulu, former ISA.

  10. apit says:

    hehe..bagus ingatan hang pijan..kebanyakan kawan2 xingat kat aku dah..
    mlm minggu baru nie aku ada jumpa boy mass separation kt penang..mula2 dia pun blur..pastu aku bg dia hint skit baru dia bleh recall..hehe..greetings old friends..

  11. Fizan says:

    How come people can forget SHOCKED? No way aku takkan lupa punya pit! Korang banyak jasa pasal expose AGATHOCLES pada scene Malaysia..Aku gilakan Agathocles dulu pasal Shocked. Yang patut dilupakan adalah band2 anak orang kaya bawah Strange Culture dulu dan rockstar wannabe Butterfingers-style fukin urban rich kids! Sepatutnya band yang patut di kenang adalah 24 Reasons dan Hostile Disgrace. Diorangpun band Bangsar apa..

  12. apit says:

    byk org lupa pijan ..agathocles wannabe but failed..haha..24 reasons and hostile disgrace..they are great!!..but no comment on butterfingers..haha..good sound and some good tunes..haha..

  13. Fizan says:

    Agathocles + Shocked = punk
    Butterfingers + Original Uncensored = my ass!

  14. xnizangx says:

    original uncensored band tak patut wujud hahaha!
    lyric cam hampeh…

  15. thee dr. says:

    Shocked- I remember when I saw an ad for ‘War Against War’ in a zine back in ’97-I remember being ‘shocked’ that this kind of band existed-grindcore was just starting to make a comeback then…I do believe they were the first I had heard of in the neo-grindcore movement of the time-they were a cult classic-they were soon followed by Nuclear War out of Shah Alam and Reclamation Code, plus Aghast out of Kuantan (who we were immensely proud of )…I mean, it was exciting as fuck back then-we had bands like Fist of Fury, Smash the System, Disorder Track, Another, Sputum had reformed…so it was a cool time-hey-are you gonna do a myspace page for Shocked? That would be cool…

  16. apit says:

    shocked was part of the movement and a history..this is the 21-st century..let’s move on..haha..besides..i don’t how to do a myspace page..haha..

  17. apit says:

    shocked was part of the movement and a history..this is the 21-st century..let’s move on..haha..besides..i don’t know how to do a myspace page..haha..

  18. xnizangx says:

    i loved the song ‘neo-nazi menyangkak’ by shocked.
    borrowed the tape from fazri kasih sayang back then.
    kasih sayang even covered the song at one of the shows at a//mince infoshop/studio.
    read shocked interview in pangzine#2

  19. Ui jgn lupakan 76 second…walaupun x punk sgt..hahha…;P menyampuk plak aku ni.

  20. thee dr. says:

    76 Seconds were good too! I was hanging out with Tom and Adik quite a bit when Tom formed that band!!It was like a Kuala Pilah punk/HC supergroup…

  21. apit says:

    76 seconds..yeahh..saw them played once..fucking intense!!..those were the days..

  22. redneckhope says:

    Original Uncensored? Muahahhaha..Mcm bodo jek. Ape ek lagu assyhole die tu. Saya sudah lupe.Bunyi crash kuat. Hahahah.. Ass..Damn Ass! Dah ingat!! “..who’s gonna hit that / dad ? Dont force me to do that..” Iskkk, mcmane bole igt ni??! Aduhh.. ni belum lagu scoin,spin,slam,spring,sepender opah,singlet… semua nak S! Lanchau ah..

  23. xnizangx says:

    sid vicious x2, rest in peace
    john richie was his real name
    some people say, that punk is bad
    but punk is not bad

  24. shahrizal says:

    i can write something like that nizang! hahaha

  25. xnizangx says:

    original uncensored musically ok la for a malaysian punk rock band at that time. tp lyrically hampeh. aku rase bands kalau main bes mcm mane pun tp kalau lyrics hampeh…mmg tak leh blah…latest example, 679 punye mini album, musically ok lah…sound mantap habis tp lirik buat aku rase sakit hati..hahah…menyampah…ade la berape kerat lirik diorang yg ok ade makne…but setengah drnye…baik takyah wat lirik.

  26. ikanbakar says:

    hey xnizangx..kamu punya lyric macam mana pula ya?

  27. sayomchai says:

    Jangan la asek hentam-menghentam je… kita sama-sama tolong la…

    kalau lirik kita best tapi attitude kita shows otherwise… pon tak guna jugak…


  28. xnizangx says:

    maaf atas keterkurang ajaran aku. niat aku nak menegur scara baik (mcm bagus je aku). ayat yg aku pakai/susun termelebih/mcm bagus pulak. maaf2. aku tak sengaja.

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