Joe Kidd: Dot, dash, splish, splash…


Joe hoards and shares.

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13 Responses

  1. zaX says:

    wow. that’s one sick story i’ve heard today. nicely done. thanks.

  2. mat peace punk says:

    what are u talking about joE????nonsense!!!

  3. anarchopunk boy says:

    yup,i think too…old wankers!!

  4. zaidi says:

    finally joe kau kembali ke zaman aedes dulu… teruskan menulis pedulikan apa kata orang.. tapi masyarakat kita mana pikir nk tolong org.. nk masuk LRT/bas/monorail tanpa pedulikan org nk keluar.minda kita dh semakin sempit… sedih woo.. harap anak aku bole hidup dlm keadaan yg lg baik…

  5. arif says:

    cencalok rules too. :]

  6. Sue Anna Joe says:

    I find it quite astounding the wiseness of some taxi drivers. Sometimes more wise than the degree holders we have. I guess living a life as a cab driver, is pretty much interesting and educating, meeting different people, with different destinations and different stories. And them hanging around with other cab drivers exchanging stories, of what they heard, what they saw and what the know. In fact, these people may know life more than anyone of us, me at least.

    As for the girl, the impact of the failed suicide attempt, I cannot imagine how even more painful that would be. I wonder how many people attempt suicide each day, or cut themseleves with the excuse that the physical pain helps them forget the pain they feel inside.

    Humans are complex creatures, chickens lead a simple life. A simpler life is what we all need, I guess that’s why ‘nwaya ayam lebih berharga’.

  7. bulletski says:

    Hg tera Joe, very descriptive. Not about the river, pasai budu dg teloq rebuih……viva la fermented filth!!

  8. Zaxx says:

    “In fact, the laughter that erupted from the crowd gathered proved to be deadlier than the death she was looking for. So she stood there and cried some more.”

    Yeah, that’s what we called life. Life is sickening pain & deadlier than the death itself.

  9. batman says:

    fucking yeahh!!! fuck the stupid mindless sick & suck people! such a fuckup situation! sick,sick,sick…
    p/s: i a bad boy now so watch you dogass licking suck people! ……..auummmm!!!
    (people suck-nofx,s&m airline hell yeahh is one of my favorite song you see!)

  10. oH so Quiet says:

    life’s like that…ppl just didn’t see life agnate to your vision.
    ..ppl who are able to picture life in a very descriptive way is the most heedful person..
    -that’s how i eulogize ppl these days.

  11. parfume says:

    life as it regret??never once! but rather live trough it… arrange ur words and disseminate it thrugh the best medium that suits u. whut’s important is that we can somehow change ourself to realize that someone has changed…

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  13. canned_pork says:

    great article joe….
    any way Budu memang sodap!!!

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