Dino Force Vomit: That New Year at Brickfields


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. poodien says:

    ” Bolehkah polis mengambil/meminta I/C anda tanpa sebab?”
    ” Polis tiba – tiba menahan anda semasa di acara muzik, bagaimana?”
    ” Polis membuat serbuan di pertunjukan muzik independen, apa yang harus dilakukan??”
    ” Polis berpakaian biasa cuba menahan anda, apa reaksi sepatutnya?

    | penyalahgunaan kuasa polis berlaku dimana-dimana dan di pelbagai strata komuniti masyarakat. Pada malam perayaan tahun baru 31 disember 2005, di acara muzik independen yang berlansung di Paul’s place, pihak polis telah melakukan satu penahanan yang terang-terangan melanggar prosedur sepatutnya penahanan. Ekoran daripada kejahilan kita dengan hak-hak yang kita ada apabila berhadapan dengan polis menjadikan ia satu titik untuk mereka menggunakan budaya ketakutan, membuli dan melanggar etika penahanan. Dengan mengetahui cara yang sebenarnya berhadapan dengan pihak polis/berkuasa, penahanan dan pembulian oleh polis boleh dihalang daripada awal tanpa perlu meleret hingga ke balai polis/lokap|

    dengan menghadiri bengkel KUASA -KUASA POLIS
    (bengkel latihan untuk menjadi pelatih dan membuat bengkel sendiri di tempat masing-masing)

    no.11, lorong permai, off jalan syed putra,
    robson heights, 50460, KL
    ( * lihat peta dan public transport ke sana di:
    http://www.geocities.com/lostgenspace/ )

    tarikh : 7 Januari 2005 (sabtu)
    masa : 10.30 pagi – tamat (petang)
    kontek: 012 243 8406
    013 243 7092

    organise by FOODNOTBOMBSKL

  2. piesay says:

    aby has been released at nearly 6.30pm yesterday after the intervention of peeps from various ngo and DAP, his hp was with his brother in law. i think he is contactable by now. for other peeps, we are opening an account under the name of 31st event of the final tragedy in myspace to further tell the stories of the detainees. aby and few others will be bring up to the court under the charges of “yet for the cops to find out” by 15th January 2005. we need the support of our fellow comrades to be there and obviously the next week workshop at pauls place will be good in order for us to counter all this baseless accusation.

    p/s dino, even alim n.e.t who was sleeping in his car was not spared. this is utterly shite

  3. xnizangx says:

    one thing good frm this whole incident is, it made kids unite again. from diy-or-die kiddos to rock the world goers.

  4. Jim-B says:

    malu laaa kt org singapore…

  5. xriziex says:

    yeahh…btul kate cik nizang tuy…

  6. syukree says:

    masalah mentaliti orang kita ni ialah perjuangan reaktif. bila kena baru nak join bengkel. dulu masa tak kena orang buat bengkel mampus tak dapat.

    perjuangan mesti aktif. jangan tunggu isu. satu lagi perjuangan kepentingan diri dan kawan-kawan.

    apa nama mamat tu. iskandar. yg orang panggil dicky tu. tak layak jadi wakil. memang patut polis lempang je mamat tu. masa lempang/soal siasat/ugut/paksa aku tak plak fikir pasal penyalahgunaan kuasa. bila kena batang hidung sendiri baru nak cerita pasal keadilan. fuck u!

  7. piesay says:

    what u did before is unjustifiable, kau peras ugut awek org, kau ckp macam2 dan main lepas dlm zine. maybe dicky tak layak jadi wakil but hes doing what he needs to do since no one else was there dan kitaorg pun tak pernah suruh dia, cuma dia rasa dia perlu buat sebab dia sebahagian dr organiser. for that reason, i say i have to applause him walaupun aku sendiri ada masalah dgn dia. insted, i did asked joe to become our representative too but he insists that everything was fine. aku rasa sekarang ni tak perlu lagi kecoh isu dalaman, kalau dia kena tangkap, lambat laun polis mesti akan cari semua. kalau polis kenakan budak hc sebagai black metal, lambat laun, indie rock, emo, crusty, punk, skinhead ke apa2 ke mesti akan dicop dan dilabel sebagai black metal.
    paling penting sekali, kau cerita macam2, mana kau masa polis tangkap semua org, masa kau mana press conference, mana kau masa meeting dgn NGO dll, mana kau masa semua tu and most importantly, where are you 13 yrs ago.

    p/s benda ni bukan utk bincangkan masalah peribadi kau dgn dia, this is pasal independent music as a whole. insted of babbling too much, work it.

  8. Seelan says:

    the whole situation is just so messed up.
    are the police going every single underground/indie show in malaysia now?

  9. syukree says:

    thanks piesay sebab masih nak bangkitkan apa yang aku buat dulu dan apa yang aku kena dulu.

    aku malas nak cerita pasal kebenaran itu dan dimana sumber yang kau dengar.

    “paling penting sekali, kau cerita macam2, mana kau masa polis tangkap semua org, masa kau mana press conference, mana kau masa meeting dgn NGO dll, mana kau masa semua tu and most importantly, where are you 13 yrs ago.”

    aku sangat keliru kenyataan ini. tolong huraikan.

    aku dah quit scene diy dan aku tak kisah kalau korang semua perjuang musik diy dicop black metal dan ditangkap polis walaupun polis tak kan buat macam tu. kau masih tak faham isu black metal dicanang bukan tujuan untuk tangkap semua budak-budak independen/diy. bukan! ini isu ciptaan untuk jual media. media dah rasuah polis.

    kau piesay tua-tua masih bodoh dengan politik malaysia. pergi study lagi lah!

  10. ravenfake says:

    Artist: Terror
    Album: One With The Underdogs
    Title: Keep Your Mouth Shut

    No one hears what – what you say
    No one is there – there for you
    But I’ve got music and I’ve got friends
    Both always by my side
    Convictions instilled in me
    This is what keeps me alive
    You don’t know me
    Don’t know any of us
    Don’t know what this means
    Keep your mouth shut

    Try and try – to tear me down
    Run and run – run your mouth
    But it’s you who’s lost
    In social ills, lust and greeds
    This is for the outcasts that never fit
    This is all that we need

    I don’t care what you think of me
    I don’t hear what you say
    You never had it, you never will
    Keep your mouth shut and worry about yourself

    Keep your mouth shut

    Syukree. you are two face. ive treat you with hi even ive said sorry for my misbehave, and yet u still…and why dont you say me in the face. its pity to c a good and intelligent boy like you turnout to be like this. If you like justice and politics. Do whats right for you. Dont shove your throat down at me. i love music and hardcore. Im there because i love music and hardcore and i want public understand theres nothing wrong to play and enjoy hard music. im not a against police or the public. PPL need to understand the concept of hardcore and what we have been doing. Do whats right for you if you think the police have breach the human rights. As for me i done what is right for me and my friends and for the kids who believe.

  11. scum` says:

    the whole situation is just so messed up.
    are the police going every single underground/indie show in malaysia now?

  12. scum` says:

    cis!nape la bila aku copy/paste jek selalu jadik mcm ni?hampes..apa yg aku nak kata ialah..NOT ALL GIG THEY RAID BUT STILL YES IF THEY LIKE.

  13. syukree says:

    dikki u cant shut my mouth! u must kill me!

    dikki penganut ajaran HARDCORE HADHARI!

    stupid like you ex-MB Syed Razak!

  14. cactusdistro says:

    We are now living in a land that called democracy. And democracy is about benefit to the people and giving an oppurtanity to the people to speak themselves. And among it is the right to play music (simple!). And playing music is very common, like when you watch akedami Fantasia and also Malaysian Idol. Its all about people playing music right. And all the kids at the Jalan Klang Lama at that night went there simply because:

    1. they want to meet friends.
    2. Their bands want to perform.
    3. They want to see their friends perform.
    4. they want to have some fun just like people going to Dataran Merdeka to have some fun.

    But why do police come and raid and at last the media spread fitnah and link the kids with the black metal ideology. And every people on that gig have the right to sued the police if they beleive in that. Such as:
    1. being detained while drinking in the food stall.

    The problem is, police do have power and they can manipulate anything with media that they own. So this is the time to lossing up the superior complex and power that the police had abuse the people since long time ago!.
    All people should speak and stand up. because we are in the country who beleive in the truth side. Not media manipulation, not media fitnah, not police power abuse. We have the right to speak!

    So the real things now is:
    1. we can sued HARIAN METRO with giving false information.
    2. We can fight the case until the police lose and we win and police will fear our freedom as a human being.
    3. We must study a law very well.
    4. We must seek for assistence in every part that know law.
    5. Be the lawyer and change the boring system.
    6. Dont fear and always stay free..

    I urge u to fight! keep aware of this and dont lose fight…

  15. syukree says:

    fight for musikk is nothing. many people out there fight for living dan food.

    u see MPAJ wanna destroy ‘setinggan’ and pay cheapest to victims!

  16. Gorechestra says:

    Allo enche.., bukan masa kita untuk gaduh sekarang nie. Think what’s best for us.

    Kalau korang ada problem dgn that dicky guy, at least he’s done his part as an entity in the scene.Lantak le kalau dia nak jaga periuk nasik dia ke, hape ke..at least he’s done with explaining.

    as another entity in the scene, apa yg kita dah buat to contribute to our beloved scene?

    Gaduh2 is not contributing, you are destroying it.

  17. MoKUjiN says:

    membangkitkan isu peribadi dalam isu ini adalah sesuatu yang membosankan

  18. syukree says:

    mampus lah! aku musuh scene. fukk independent/diy scene! fukk you loser kiddo ..

    lepas ni ada gig aku repot polis cakap itu BLACK MERAL ritual!

    kalau korang kena rush carik aku! kita gaduh satu lawan satu! ada berani! kalau nak lagi berani gaduh depan balai polis!

    korang memang tak de kote .. ramai-ramai berani lah!

    AMARAN : satu hari nanti aku ku letup korang punya gig! biar mati semua sebagai KAYU API NERAKA!


  19. dhani says:

    tidak kiralah siapa sekali pun yang mewakili kumpulan musik independent tersebut. yang pasti aku tetap respek dgn korang SEMUA yang mengadakan sidang akhbar tersebut. yang salah harus ditentang. teruskan perjuangan!

  20. syukree says:

    encik LALANG aka encik NICE TO EVERYONE sudah bersuara!

    gue abaikan saje cakap lo.

    perjuangan! perjuangan individual! dah kena kat batang hidung sendiri baru kecoh!

    -syukree :: I’m your enemy! This is my revenge!

  21. ravenfake says:

    Hmm.. ive done this because i love hardcore . I jeapordy my work and my name because i want people know theres nothing wrong with hardcore and the whole music scene. Im acting this because i believe in this music. If you believe in your politics. Do that. Im no one to halang you. dont say others or anyone wrong because were not following you or whatsoever. Its your rights. This is the time we dont have to fight each other. this is the time we fight together to proove theres nothing wrong with playing music or whatever shite they telling. And yah. the whole bunch of bad impression towards me before from people who know nothing. Put aside your narrow minded. And support the whole things those kids those people trying to stand up. Maybe i might not intelligent or read politic books or dont have those kind of ideas you have. But i have hardcore spirit. And it never kills me.

  22. syukree says:

    Hardcore spirit? ko mana ada hardcore sprit maaa … ko pukul orang ramai-ramai lagik kata ada hardcore spirit! aku dah agak dah ko akan jawab macam ni. ko bukan berani pun. ko memang tak berani gaduh dengan aku satu lawan satu.

    kalau ko tak gaduh dengan aku sila buat kenyataan minta maaf secara terbuka di sini!

    selagi ko tak minta maaf selagi tu aku akan ganggu hidup ko! bersedialah menghadapi 2nd POLICE RUSHING!

    ada faham dikki? aku bimbang ko tak faham sebab ko mana reti baca ‘ayat politik’. ko tau baca hearth attack dan maximun think je! pastu dengar nostalgia dan cassandra! lirik semua kebudak-budakan. habis tu politik tak pernah cerdik, macam mana lirik nak cerdik.

    sbb dikki dah tak nak gaduh so aku akan mula mencipta pergaduhan lain plak! apa kata kalau aku ‘ugut/kutuk’ awek ko balik! baru spirit hardcore bergaduh ko naik kan? piesay pun ada minat bergaduh ke? ko orang tua baik pergi gali kubur sendiri lagi bagus!

    syukree :: still narrow minded? hahaha bullshit!

  23. Cat_Gurl says:

    Ermm.. aku hairan la.. bile da kes camni.. baru ko nak bersuara ek.. kalu betul ko da quit scene.. quit diy scene.. just diam sahaje.. dan anggap ko da takde kena mengena pun.. jgn time ni la ko nak cari pasal. Tak pikir ke.. bukan sahaja dak2 independent yang kena.. malah kawan2 scene diy yang lain turut kena.. masa ni la kita cuba lawan balik apa yang kita pertahankan oleh polis2 bangsat n media2 bangsat yang mereka2 cerita untuk menjatuhkan air muka kita semua dan mengaut keuntungan mereka dengan menjual akhbar yg tak laku tu. aku berani kata di sini sbb aku sendiri pun kena gak di balai pada masa itu. Dan aku tau ramai yang kena duk balai.. betapa suffernya duduk di situ.. walhal.. kesalahan kita hanya lah kerana BLACK METAL dituduh puja setan or what ever. Tp aku bangga juga kerana rakan2 aku sanggup wat press conference dan berhadapan dengan bangsat2 tu balik utk fight back yg kita totally tak salah. Cukup la syukree! dah la tu.. jgn perbesarkan isu yg dah lapok tu. supposed ko jumpe depan dicky.. katakan depan mata dia.. senang cite.. jgn la ko bersuara kat sini maki2 musuh ko tu. Then nak jatuhkan dia plak. Aku bukan site mana2 pihak. Tapi aku tak suka bila dalam keadaan macam ni. Ko nak timbulkan huru-hara dan masalah lagi. Cukuplah aku dan kawan2 scene aku duduk dalam balai, kena layan mcm sial.. so.. jgn la nak ungkit2 cite yg da lapok ni. Aku tau ko amik prihatin pasal MPAJ tu. Jangan pk ko sorang je prihatin.. Aku juga turut prihatin. We are here to fight back ngan bangsat2 tu.. bukan nak cari musuh ko tu then nak revenge balik.. be matured! be profesional! dont selfish!

    Kadang2 org mcm ko ni la yang boleh buat scene kita ni huru-hara… Sedih aku laa!! JUST STOP LA MENDA2 ANNOYING KO TU!! Ko ada AKAL, ADA OTAK.. BOLE BERPIKIR!!


  24. Cat_Gurl says:

    And Nizang… aku agree apa yg ko cakap tu!.. i’m agree 100% πŸ™‚

  25. xnizangx says:

    NICE TO EVERYONE people are nice. i’m nice to everyone too…hhehehe…
    nice people who think u r black metal and test ur urine n spread lies to public…ain’t nice at all

  26. syukree says:

    betul. tujuan aku memang nak buat orang bosan! aku di sini mencari musuh bukan mencari kawan!

    betul lagi! aku memang mengangguk di air keruh. cuba ko fikir, tuhan dah balas lah apa yang dorang buat kat aku. tapi yg innocent people kena standard lah. no more tolerence!

    aku tetap guna platform ini untuk menulis. selain di platform YM, myspace dan blog aku sendiri. aku alu-alukan korang menulis diblog aku!

    selagi joe kidd tak delete id syukree ni selagi itu aku tak berhenti menulis.

    aku akan jawab segala apa yang korang REPLY!

    selagi bernyawa selagi dunia tak kiamat, aku akan tetap membalas DENDAM!

  27. xbebas says:

    hhmmm…sudah kecoh ni..pe mcm ha?????

  28. piesay says:

    i could waste countless of hours sitting in front of this monitor, typing to the so called master of poisonous words with no balls syukree. but, im sure it will meaningless talking to a non-intellectual, with obviously armed with no intellectual manners or any ethical flowery words. i doubt he would understand what i am trying to lay down over here, far from the facts that he can swallow any particles of intention that i am trying to potray. no, i am not putting any fault on him being unintelligent, trying to be a savior of the scene and more like putting himself in a disgrace rather than turning me into a sympathiser of this low level mammal. seriously i dont care of how are you potraying hc or how are you trying to resolve into this matter and for the facts that he is a worker in a cyber cafe (which spents most of this time typing asl for a hot chicks and tryin to get his first flirt), i dont think that can spark so much threat anyway. i am not putting down on him but obviously his lacks of understanding some complicated matter has put himself in a total disgrace. oh anyway sykree, if you do not understand any of words written here, how bout trying to buy some dictionary or maybe you can steal it (coz i heard “real” punks like you dont buy, they steal.). apa2 pun syukree, kau bahasa inggeris pun tak faham, mcm mana org nak panggil kau jadi wakil. bahasa melayu pun berterabur. takpelah syukree, aku pun malas nak lebih2, baik kau chatting lagi bagus. your words means nothing to me. and by the way, u forgot that sufferage was a political zine. or maybe you’re too young at that time.
    guess what, you have been wasting your time with your unintelligent babbling. utter shite i’d say

    dont want to waste more time, im sure other peeps will agree that the police will soon go after other music scene if we dont put our act together. thanks for the people who understands and if u really want to do the speech, syukree will be our representative for future communication with the media. how bout that?

    p/s syukree, get yourself a dictionary before you ought to start a war of words. you way too lame for us

  29. Cat_Gurl says:

    Owhh!! i see that!.. REVENGE ek!.. ermmm teruskan la perjuangan mu wahai syukree… We dont care what words u say!… And i agree what piesay said… just like i said b4.. Be a profesional and Matured… U just talk to much!…org kat sini sedang strungle fight with some bustard cop here.. but ada jugak org yg dendam bertahun2 lamanye dia simpan bersuara di sini..wasting la syukree …wasting ur time!…

    Aku cume katakan di sini… sapa-sapa pun tak suke wat huru-hara.. lebih2 lagi.. org mcm aku ni… need unite not divide.. no matter what they do.. we must fight for our right… bukan gado tp bersuara secara educated person, profesional person…. jgn gado mcm org hulu baru sampai bandar… selagi diri tak perfect lagi.. tak payah nak huru-hara kan keadaan!… betulkan diri tu dulu.. then baru cari kesalahan org lain..

    I’m wrote here to make people unite not fight!..
    Kalu metro bukak..n baca comment2 kat sini wat malu je…hahahaha!!

  30. syukree says:

    aku dah agak dah isu bahasa menjadi UTAMA! sebab dia senang! sebab ko tak isu piesay! πŸ™‚

    aku harap ko orang pertama akan mati kena langgar kereta! hehehe

    dan lepas itu aku akan merindui tulisan ‘english poyo yang konon educated gile tu’.

    belagak je lebih ko piesay. tak de orang nak baca pun tulisan ko tu.

    sebelum ko mati baik ko gali kubur siap2. tak menyusahkan orang nanti. pastu ko beli siap kain kapan .. bawak bersama2 selalu.

    malas dah tulis pasal ko piesay.

    cat gurl gue bosan dengar perkataan unite, divide, fight and whatever. sejak 1996 sampai sekarang itu saja ke perkataan yg ada dalam scene independent/diy?

    kelakar! lebih kelakar daripada lawak saipul apek!

    cu next time man!

  31. Cat_Gurl says:

    Tau pun bosan!.. hehehehe.. lawak la ko ni syukree.. antara ramai2 la dak2 yg aku kenal.. ko la org yg senang cepat mengaku kalah… cepat putus asa.. hahaha!! Well.. aku pun tak kisah ko ckp ko da tired ngan unite, divide, fight… etc kan?.. hahaha.. aku da dpt bau seorang yg hampir mengaku kalah dlm diri dia sendiri!..

    Mmg ko kelakar sgt2 mcm saipul apek gak.. saipul apek baca ko punyer comment pun bole ketawa terguling2..

    Elo brother!… gue sendiri pun tak amik tahu lagi arr pasang lu.. sbb gue mmg da tahap bosan ngan lu sejak lu sendiri suke nak cari kesalahan orang, suka nk huru-hara kan scene…. dan gue pun da malas nak dengar org yang bernama syukree.. coz he’s totally a LOSER person.. tq!

    Be a good person la wey en. syukree!.. jgn ckp kat sini.. face to face la..bersuara lantang depan dorang..ckp ko tak puas hati!…hahaha!… ada brani???

    C U next time gak en. syukree…moga2 hajat ko yg ko dendam tu termakbul gak ek… daaa!


  32. MoKUjiN says:

    macam tak matang a syukree .. takde bezanya pon kau dengan si metro .. buat sesuatu hal kucar kacir .. tak kira la kau berape lama dalam scene .. ha ajak gaduh ?? macam bebudak …

  33. Jim-B says:


    u r so bullshit….if u wanna be enemy in the scene, just go ahead… tapi jgn nak bebising kat sini plak!
    isu nie bukan pasal black metal aje, tapi melibatkan isu hak asasi manusia… ko pon dah cakap, ko dah blah dr scene diy/underground… so utk ape ko nk membebel lagik? site ni pon bukannye utk org macam ko… kalo ko nak membebel pasal nie, ko p laa membebel kat harian metro ke, utusan ke… betol cakap si Cat_Gurl, u r so LOSER! org kat sini nak bincang bukan nak membebel x tentu pasal…….. well… i guess u r a fuckin LOSER.. that’s why…

  34. the doctor says:

    this article,which is about the singaporeans who were picked up and mistreated by the police, and it’s various responses has been hijacked by these fucking drama queens who are engaged in a hysterical verbal gladiator battle -it’s not about you ,ya fucking assholes!it’s about the singaporeans,NOT YOU-it was a shitty day for everyone involved but instead of shedding tears and drawing attention to yourselves,how about getting everyone together and taking some legal action like a civil lawsuit or a class-action lawsuit against the police-is it true more than 200 people were picked up?now that would be the shit-all the drama queens who are trying to figger out who’s more ‘hardcore’or ‘underground’ should stop this bullshittical nonsense and plan the next course of action-because this is a question of human and civil rights,not just the discontinuation of a gig-there is a bigger question here-are you gonna take that kinda shit like a bunch of pussyasses or are you going to do something about it?!if i was there i would be right next to you -because ‘WE’RE NOT GOING OUT LIKE THAT!!!’

  35. piesay says:

    to all in the post, hope to see you tomorrow at the bengkel by foodnotbombs. i know that they have been miscommunication within the scene community but to take positive event from the previous highlight on the black metal thingy, the scene has got even stronger and united (sounds cheesy i know). but hopefully, most of you will be there and most importantly, the court session which will be on 15th january. aby and wan will be there to be charged under the act of hakcipta and others which i am not sure. i seriously hope the more people who will be there showing their chorus of disapproval will show that we are not a bunch of uneducated people who do not how to act and organise. will post more on this lata.

    p/s to syukree. jgn sampai aku bgtau metro kau kepala black metal, i have a pics of you plus i know peeps from metro. more words coming from you, your pics (ditangkap semasa upacara gig di dangdut bar something in kl) and phone number will be printed as HEAD OF BLACK METAL MOVEMENT IN MALAYSIA CAUGHT. I am dead serious. Jgn cabar.

  36. selipajepun says:

    which court eh??

  37. piesay says:

    Will get it posted when i get the full info. there will be a meeting between the lawyer, NGO’s involves and the detainees by today 10am earlier. Will sure to drop more info later.

  38. piesay says:

    Rising above

    By IZUAN SHAH (guitarist Auburn/ the Star journalist)

    Last Saturday saw the usual New Years Eve celebrations taking place everywhere in Malaysia.

    But for the 380 mostly young people detained at the Brickfields police station in Kuala Lumpur, the festivities was cut short when they were arrested at the venue of a gig in Jalan Klang Lama in Kuala Lumpur that night and carted to the station in police trucks for alleged black metal involvement, illegal gathering and other unfounded charges.

    Despite being hushed and shepherded like convicts, the group simply continued their New Year celebrations when the countdown came at midnight. What the officers hadnt counted on was that the group they had just arrested knew their rights.

    These were the children of suburban middle-class families. If the police and their media cohorts came looking for the black metal bogeyman, they had come to the wrong gig. With private college students, members of the workforce and practising lawyers among the detained, they had messed with the wrong people.

    Get up. stand up … A section of the crowd, mostly indie musicians and their fans, gathered for a press conference at Pauls Place early this week.
    The generalisation of black metal itself is a lazy exercise of scapegoat labelling, a cruel generalisation of an alleged sub-culture of hedonism and Satanic practices, a Loch Ness monster the tabloids created with accusatory, non-researched articles and vague, unsolicited photographs of youths gathering at random concerts and music showcases.

    To echo just a few heartfelt conclusions made by observers, it takes little more than common sense and a high school education to see music for what it is. Music is music. If media, authoritative or religious gatekeepers are so fearful of its influence on our young, then perhaps it says much about these parties own insecurities.

    Perhaps the mainstream tabloids in question feel it within their power to seek out a scapegoat for their own shortcomings, to make up for their own laziness, their own failure to keep up with the times.

    It has always been human nature to be afraid of and to demonise something they do not understand. It is natural to feel left in the dark about something one is unfamiliar with, and thus feel a strange liberty to condemn a perceived lesser group.

    Music in Malaysia has always been kept in check sufficiently to be no more than cultural expression and a healthy outlet for the younger generation. Yet how frequently and persistently it is misunderstood is frightening: A bunch of confused adults is a lot scarier than a bunch of confused youth.

    In developed Asian countries like Japan, music is valued and appreciation of music is encouraged by the family institution.

    Music is also an important part of the community and it often serves as a lens to the state of a society here now.

    Film, music, and literature of independent nature here often serve as an extension of creative traditions from the grassroots and can provide us not only with an insight into young Malaysia but can also share with us the multi-cultural impact of the past and give us a greater understanding of the present.

    To anyone overwhelmed in the wake of the events, perhaps it should serve as reassurance and comfort in itself that a genuine love for music and the arts should outlast media demonisation and authoritarian muscle flexing.

    If there have been complaints that local independent music lack substance, perhaps this is the perfect time for self-improvement to inject that little bit of satire, critique and message in the music. And if there was never really a reason for young urbanites to really stand up for their rights, perhaps now there is.

    The events following the New Years Eve raid is a wake-up call for the creative community to band together.

    Standing united

    The solidarity seen at the emergency press conference the day after the raid is a state aspired by all but in reality, a rare thing. Perhaps a forum designed to create and strengthen ties between musicians, artists, writers, curators, activists, filmmakers, tactical media provocateurs, students, designers, dreamers, architects, critical thinkers and cultural workers everyone would do well to ensure that the young and youth culture are not demonised again.

    How much longer will young people be made scapegoats? Youth culture here has come so far since the bohsia era to redeem its battered reputation.

    From having homegrown alternative rock music at Stadium Merdeka to independent films celebrated abroad and bands being showcased at the KLPac complex, modern young Malaysia is hardly about to shrivel up and be transported through some black hole back to Draconian times just because of a really bad idea by some tabloid reporters.

    And anyone with a high school education would know that the good idea always wins out over the bad.

  39. syukree says:

    en. piesay saya mencabar kamu ini. sila lah berbuat demikian.

    saya juga ambik bergembira korang semua UNITE untuk mengelarkan saya LOSER.

    :: syukree – tersenyum sendiri melihat gelagat mereka yang sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga. harap kena tahi ayam plak πŸ™‚

  40. Cat_Gurl says:

    Piesay.. i will attend on 7th Jan (tomorrow) and for sure i will attend on 15 Jan… to support my friend especially Wan and Aby.. I will give them full support… dont worry!.. I will meet u piesay.. and then u know who i am later! hehe.. dont worry..aku akan jumpe ko nnt…

    To. En. Syukree… takkan la takat melaung2 kat sini.. ko taknak pergi ke jumper si dicky masa kiteorg akan berkumpul ramai2 nnt.. ko kata nak face to face.. haaa apa lagi.. this is ur chance rite?.. pegi la.. takkan tak brani kot?… hahaha aku rasa ko mmg tak brani pun… owh ye tak ye gak, ko mmg suke bising2 kat sini.. sbb tu la ko brani.. tp bile berdepan ngan kiteorg semua.. pijak semut pun tak mati.. hehehe.. tahniah syukree!!! ko da tunjukkan diri ko sebenar!!.. ko sendiri pun da ngaku ko da quit scene kan.. duduk la diam2.. duduk dapur basuh pinggan ke, masak ke…. berkebun ke.. kan senang.. takyah bising2.. aman skit.. hehehe.. jgn nk wat kecoh2 kat sini.. org ramai tak suka la… mekasih!…

    :: syukree – tersenyum sendiri melihat gelagat mereka yang sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga. harap kena tahi ayam plak πŸ™‚

  41. Cat_Gurl says:

    :: syukree – tersenyum sendiri melihat gelagat mereka yang sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga. harap kena tahi ayam plak πŸ™‚

  42. Cat_Gurl says:

    —> syukree – tersenyum sendiri melihat gelagat mereka yang sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga. harap kena tahi ayam plak πŸ™‚

  43. syukree says:

    dikki ramai berani lah .. sorang lawan sorang ada berani dikki?

  44. Cat_Gurl says:

    Cadangan la ek :

    Why not ko sendiri pegi panggil dia sorang2.. mana tau dikki malu ke nak panggil ko sorang2.. so.. apa kata laa.. ko yg start dulu.. lagi pun, yg tak puas hatinyer ialah ko kan.. so panggil dia.. ckp ngan dia.. jgn pekik2 kat sini.. Aku gerenti dia pun berani jumpe ko sorang.. tapi make sure la ko pun sorang.. ek… haha!..

    So dikki, if syukree panggil ko nak jumpe face to face.. ko jumpe la si mamat ni.. dia da teringin benor nak jumpe ko tu.. hehe.. kesian plak aku tgk si syukree ni terpekik2 kat sini.. terlolong kat sini… orang lain baca pun.. nak ketawa la tgk comment dia duk maki2 org.. k!..

    So i hope.. syukree, please end this… make me sick n bored!..

  45. endosed|by|hate says:

    shit all this remind me of VX gig last year .. hehe .. stop act macho and stop blaming on others …. if u think that all that u do here is on the right part … i will say ” IT GETTING MORE WORSE !! ” .. so to all kids that read this .. stop being emotional about this thing ! better fine a way to sattle it once and for all , think wise before u act …. wish to see u guys tomorow …. be there .. xxx

    Hardcore Pride by Ten Yard Fight
    You never gave a shit about the kids You sold us out for a higher bid
    I guess it was time for you to grow up
    Now you can’t play for us
    Because we won’t show up
    So much for the pounding in your heart
    Your actions no longer fit the part
    You sold us out, and now you want more
    Come to your show? What the fuck for?
    Now it’s you that stands to the side
    We’ve had enough of your so called hardcore pride
    Our faith in you has long since died
    You had us fooled but now we see it was a lie
    You never were one of us
    No longer do you have our trust
    How soon you forget the words you once spoke
    Was it all a big fucking joke?

    p/s : stop this nonsens !! again ! stop it before its stop us all !!!

  46. syukree says:

    papan tanda STOP selalu kelihatan di jalan raya πŸ˜€ tapi masalahnya selalu juga itu orang talak stop ooooo …

  47. melor says:

    caya la saudara syukree ni, anda adalah pengamal black metal tersohor sekarang ni. dengan hati yg busuk, penuh dendam, dengki, penghasut, degil dan perangai cam samseng internet menyerlahkan lagi sifat2 keSATANISMan anda. hail satan! minum darah dikki! sembelih cat_gurl! hail satan! hail syukree!

  48. Kia says:

    Syukree.. cc ko brape hengget sejam?

  49. Gorechestra says:

    kia, hang mmg potong stim aa..haha.

    by the way org kampung hang kat Valdor dok tanya bila hang nak balik.

    okeh..korang boley sambung gaduh balik.

    bagi aku start dulu..fuck syukree!


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