Bekasi, West Java Scene Report by Diena Sapi


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. azchael says:


    It sounded interesting to read a scene report from Jakarta, but … is there somewhere an English version online? 🙂

    Rock on!!!


  2. diena.sapi says:

    hey, its me diena.sapi.the writer.its suppose to be sapi, npt means Lembu or cow.well, i belive this reoprt has been taken from one of my friend zine called “Choking Hazzard”.o course i can write another up2date report if u ask.and o course, in English.

  3. xthe-leman'sx says:

    tmbh lg…aq masih haus..
    haus informasi…
    matur nuwun..

  4. Joe Kidd says:

    Hey diena,

    sorry. I missed your post here before. Please do an update or more. I need a lot of contribution from Indon and of course from anywhere. I can even give you a special account, so you can write straight into the blog.

    do write to me first: Joe Kidd – email

    and yes, xthe-leman’sx

    Kami juga dahaga!

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