Deep Purple: Live @ Jakarta, 4th & 5th December 1975!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. the doctor says:

    wow i’m about to lose all credibility here but i do have to admit i love deep purple-as for rainbow-their ‘rising’ album has to be one of the greatest hard rock albums of the seventies-classic rock is HUGE here in cleveland-but generally speaking,any seventies band with a color in its name is gonna be a monster-black sabbath,blue cheer,blue oyster cult,king crimson,pink floyd,deep purple-sure punk was a reaction against some of thew bands i just named but the thing i like about classic rock is that it’s hard to find bands that sound alike and their originality-i got black sabbath’s ‘paranoid’ and vol.4′,’the abbreviated king crimson’by of course king crimson ,’vincebus eruptum’ by blue cheer,stuff by elton john and david bowie and so on and so on-it contains a lot of the dna of current music

  2. yayok says:

    peh…bapak aku peminat diorg ni…sempoi mak…

  3. kalium666 says:

    “Back in 1982, legendary Deep Purple vocalist, Ian Gillan came to perform at Stadium Merdeka with Dr. Sam & The Klinik as supporting band.”

    If I recall correctly, the opening band was Blues Gang. I recall seeing Julian doing a cover of “Trouble”, then Gillan doing the same while commenting “You may have heard this done earlier”.

  4. Joe Kidd says:

    Was it? Hmmm. Maybe it was Blues Gang and Dr Sam? Dang! Maybe we should consult Aziz Bakar on this!

    One thing for sure though, the day after the concert, I was hanging out with my bro at Ampang Park (where they used to have two of the best record stores in the whole of Malaysia). We were hugely disappointed by the show and felt rather cheated. We started to find reasons to stay on in KL for a few more days, just to make the trip worthwhile. I went and bought my daily newspaper, The Star (a habit I have till this very day), flicked through it and then screamed with much delight!

    URGH! A MUSIC WAR! was premiering at the Sentul Cinema that very day! We went back to our uncle’s house in Ampang Hilir, told him that we’re staying on for a few more days and later on took a taxi to Sentul as we didn’t know of any bus going there from Ampang.

    When we got there, much to our disappointment, the cinema was pretty deserted. I was hoping to see KL punk rockers coming out of the woodwork. Malaysian “punk” in the early 80s was a very, very rare species. By that time in Terengganu, there were tonnes of punks but in KL? At the time I only know of two guys. One Malay kid who wrote to me from Sentul itself and another kid, a Chinese, living in PJ.

    I didn’t have their phone numbers then, so I can’t contact them to come and join me and my bro, but I was expeccting that they’ll be as eagle-eyed as me, notice the screening and come to join all the KL punks at the cinema.

    So we sat outside after buying the tickets, smoking and waiting for them to turn up. NONE. Absolutely no KL punks or New Wavers turned up. We were so disappointed. We waited until the last minutes, to no avail. Finally we said “Fuck it! KL sucks!” and made our way into the cinema. Half way through the walk, someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned around and voila! 4 punks were at my side, greeting and hugging us! And you know what? They were all Terengganu kids who had taken a bus down to catch the movie!!

    Urgh! A Music War! on wikipedia

  5. lolita quarantasei says:

    they are touring europe end of this year..
    cant wait cant wait. my father is an avid fan of em. and now me. 🙂

  6. Powerage says:

    Heard that DP came to Malaysia for a gig in 79′. And the opening band was Headwind ?

  7. Kenman says:

    Patsy was not a small guy and Jon Lord recently said he believes that 4 or 5 Jakartan cops found him and pushed down the elevator shaft where he landed on the ground floor and crawled out on the mezzanine and died. Lord thinks they set this up so they could put bandmembers on trial and extort money from them. By the time they left , DP had payed off officials nearly all of the money they had made and left broke. They even flattened the tires on their plane and refused to let airport personnel help them. Sounds like they were set up from the beginning and like most small Asian countries, the government is corrupt as hell. Nice place I will never go.

  8. Joe Kidd says:

    more light upon the incident. thanks Kenman. did you talk to Lord about this?

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