Daighila’s OZ Tour: What Happened?


Joe hoards and shares.

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33 Responses

  1. thee dr. says:

    Kinda fucked up…plan a U.S. tour for ’09..we’ll look after ya….:)

  2. Joe Kidd says:

    Yet they let in Nazi Croatian singer into Australia!

    read about it here

  3. shahrizalisme says:

    Dear Daighlia,

    I’m sorry to hear this. It’s pity since they send you back without giving you guys a ‘right to be heard’. I was waiting you all guys with no news.
    Australian Immigration Officers sometime behave very wierdly. A friend of mine was stopped and interrogated one hour in Darwin Airport (during transit) just because he brought some food from Malaysia (professionally packed). Although he comes under dependent visa (accompanying his wife further study here), the immigration officers just want to show off his power maybe to interrogate him. What happened was, his food was seized and he was released just second before his flight departed to Melbourne.

    I was once stopped by the ‘second line’ of immigration officers after checking in at Melb airport upon my first arrival here on 31 December last year. They stopped me and asked the purpose of coming here and how much money I have. Imagine, they stopped me after I managed to pass the check in. It was ashame since they don’t stop other person except me. Sometime OZ can be rasist too towards Asian. I was once being harrassed with all sorts of racist remarks in the train to Uni just because this stupid drunken aboroginal was high with a bottle of liquor. Again he doesn’t harras other passangers in the train except me and
    my Indian friend. I can only replied with a fucking gesture to him when I get down the train !

    Whatever it is, there are good and bad apples in any part of the world.


  4. Pijan says:

    white people sucks! they only know how to fuck!
    fucked up xenophobia! i hates australi!
    yo shah? kau kah yg di atas?

  5. shahrizal says:

    oit pijan, yang shahrizalisme tu bukan aku. tersama pulak nama. rare occassion ni hehe

  6. Pijan says:

    boleh pulak!
    tukar lah nama kau ni shah alam ajer. senang aku cam,haha

  7. Azim Me Not says:

    Kalau tak nak bagi masuk then why grant the visa in the first place? let people come all the way and then send them back…

  8. shahrizalisme says:

    Hi Pijan, our name is coincidentally similar. Pelanduk dua serupa barangkali. To those who wish to come to Australia, please be extra careful when dealing with OZ immigration officer at airport. They can be very arrogance towards us especially Asian.

    Sometimes I don’t understand why OZ has practiced double standard and to certain extend they can be violance. Asian almost become their punching bag. Recently, the Indian taxi driver (mainly students) protested and gathered on the main road to demonstrate their support against another taxi driver who was stabbed by the passanger. They also demanded the government to give protection to the taxi driver who has been the victim of OZ passanger who abuse taxi service such as evading fare, bash and even attemp to kill the driver. I don’t think ‘white OZ taxi driver’ face with the same problem.

    The demo was held for two days, on the second day when the government reps still not show up to meet them, the taxi driver stipped of their shirt until the gov reps come and agreed to their demand.

    Indian style democracy has paid off…

  9. RIBUT says:

    Shit ..even australian immigration dont like kJ boys…fuck umno.

  10. Pijan says:

    Don’t help out australi band come here unless they help us!
    Fuk, put the blame to the punk scene in australi.
    Yes i mean it. Fuk them all!
    Buat apa keje nak tolong band mat salleh aje kalau
    diorang x tolong kita. Dah la nak berckp dgn diorang
    pun kena pakai bahasa diorang!
    apa. ingat planet ni bpk org putih punya ke.
    kimak punya mat salleh!
    aku x mati lah hidup tanpa mat salleh!

  11. dean says:

    haha…hope u were being sarcastic en/cik ribut! hehe…

    they had safely returned to KL and are going to play at a few gigs this end of the month (melaka, ampang, etc). go and support them. purchase their cd, t-shirt, button etc. this kids had spent a lot of their hard-earned money (none of their parent are in the position to sponsor their sons expenses) for the flight tickets while they only managed to steal some extra salty potato chips (yet quit delicious!) from the detention center. profits from the sales could be use to at least redeem 10% of the expenses. kids in aussie are now doing some benefit shows for them and hope it could help to ease their burden. there are also some talks where legal action might be taken against the OZ authority however it’s still under consideration as on paper this kids don’t have a strong case against them. their visa had been canceled and they are not allowed to return to OZ for the next 3 years and this would surely effect them whenever they are traveling to other places as well since immigration in other countries would interrogate (lagi!) and ask 1001 questions why they had been denied entries into OZ. anyone who had such an experience or coming from a legal background, don’t hesitate to contact the band or myself as to enlighten us on this legal related matters.

    tq and have a great day!

  12. shahrizalisme says:

    Hi Dean,

    I was the Malaysian lawyer who’s doing my PhD here in Melbourne. For any legal advice, please contact Mr Edmund Bon or Amir Hamzah at Bar Council. They are my friend and good guys who are spearheading the Human Rights Commission of Bar Council. They can provide free legal opinion. This kind of case is not the first and certainly not the last.


  13. Pak LaN says:

    It seems that the reason given by the Australian authority isn’t based on any hard evidence of foul play to deport the guys from Daighila. Although they have the power to do so, it is a sign of arrogance and abuse of power. Since Australia’s a fellow commonwealth country i don’t think they had to pay for the visa as far as i know, but do correct me if I’m wrong. But for diplomatic reasons Daighila has the right to complain and protest to the Australian Embassy in KL to cover their losses financially and make up for the ignorance caused by their dictative ways. This is against the rights of individuals to travel around Australia. Damn the authority for its discrimination towards people based on ignorance. It would always be nice to have a protest infront of the Australian embassy to shame them for their ignorance! (:

  14. thee dr. says:

    Pijan..don’t fight racism with racism…white people don’t suck–nor do they just know how to fuck-racism and going on a power trip, however, does suck…as for the Australian immigration–it definitely sounds like a case of bullying.

  15. dean says:

    Dear Shahrizalisme,

    Kindly contact me at deantheamateur@gmail.com

    May need your opinions/views from OZ legal perspective.

    Btw, I’d been in touch with a friend who is now practicing at Edmund Boon firm in KL. Shall liaise with him again to ensure our next action are taken accordingly. Pak Lan, thanks for such an idea. Now I figured that we haven’t even try to use that channel 🙂

  16. CONGATHREAT says:

    Alas, indeed a quite disheartening news from our friends in Daighila. I truly feel for u guys , as i’ve been there before (exact situation and place) except i didnt get deported back after giving some valid arguments they let me in. and yes they are quite abrupt on their actions/decisions. I got my barang-barang in my bag ransacked, this includes smelling of my ointments , flippin’ thru my buku2 …haih , didnt even have a clue what they were looking for. In Daighila’s case i believe , they were juz being arrogant and definitely ‘double standard’ towards these people (daighila boyz). I remember when I was in Melbourne , this Japanese band (i think it was Palm) got deported back home on the same day they arrived, and we were supposed to check em out the next day ,only to be told by the organizer what had happened, so kira looking at the bright side Daighila ok jugak dapat tidur semalam and make new friends ye tak ? 🙂 I actually told Duan to get the band boys on separate lanes during passport stamping , but poor boys still got detained, Obviously they think these boys were not legit and thus gave them hard time . I believe they’ve already set a quota and a number of flights from certain countries that have bad case of overstaying and working illegally that they have to go on thorough ‘self check’ which include breast fondling and ball groping 🙂 .It might even be the BIN and BINTI in your names heheh. Truly i think,this is not because of them being mat salleh being racist or not , its all protocols and in this case , a really bad one. Hell i might even get harassed by immigration in countries like singapore ,Thailand, USA , UK . Depa nie semua kerja immigration brader (government officers), dah kena mindfuck …macam polis and askar , FRU … so i think ‘Fuck their policies!’ rather than ‘Fuck MAT SALLEH’ …. dah salah concept tu 🙂 . Yes i believe the boys can file complaints to Oz embassy regarding the unjust treatment , and diplomatic reason ,i mean c’mon ….they were putting words in the boys mouth , .. these boys have proof(sufficient amount of duit,bankcards,contacts) but by the sound of it they werent being considerate and were complete arseholes. Juz hang in there people …. some of the hardships we have to face coming from 3rd world merantau pegi 1st world … macam kucing kurap letak dengan kucing pedigree … kena cakar la sikit kan 🙂 Take it ez people…..

    P/s: My ban period from entering Australia is still yet to be waived …as soon as Jan 2009 i think….haiya…

  17. Pijan says:

    Ok, ok, i know you guys are all into pacifism.
    and not racist, non-prejudice and all that ‘right’ attitude.
    I’m sorry for blatanly fuck everything. That’s emotionally driven..
    Maybe I should get my own lawyer to defend me now. Haha
    Anyway, if you think pacifism is going to save this world..
    Hmm..I’m sorry not for me. It’s too late now..I mean if you’re
    taking PhD and soon to be a human right lawyer, then your
    journey is still far far away my dear friend..your undergraduate PhD
    evidently can’t save our friend who stuck at the airport. That’s a fact.
    I mean, this world is controlled by these omnipresence system,
    by royal family, by top government officer, by fucking police, by their
    fucking law!

    Anyway thanks for reminding me. Hope to see you one day.

    p.s. hey shahrizalisme, do you see Yeap oftenly? Send my regard to him. This poser never reply my email. I know he’s big now but i dont care he still owe me Post Regiment tape.haha

  18. Pijan says:

    Eh mana article yg aku tulis semalam kat sini?
    Ada Jabatan Penapisan ke kat dlm ni joe?

  19. Joe Kidd says:

    artikel mana ni pijan oi? usually ada yang tersangkut dek spam protection, tapi aku check tak da pon boss? dalam moderated queue pon takdak. apakut?

  20. Pijan says:

    Ada tu hari. ah x apalah joe.malas aku tulis kat sini lagi, aku nak tulis dlm zine wan hazril / newsletter salleh ke lepas ni lagi syok..
    Paling boring banyak sangat toyol-toyol tak bertuan kat sini. tak real. zine benda fizikal dan boleh di archive kan dlm bentuk fizikal jgk.
    eh dah terlanjur ni lupa plk aku nak bertanya, mu dah copy tak dvd plan-it-x records tu joe?lama ni nunggu..tq

  21. mosh says:

    pijan.. ko dtg awal ke lmbat. punch card merah tak? heheh
    aku baru je ingat password aku balik pas puas try nk login.

  22. Pijan says:

    biasa la beb..stone camna pun tetap sampai on time..
    ‘profesional’ lah katakan..hehe

  23. shahrizal says:

    hah!?? dvd plan-it-x? mau mau mau!

  24. rizie says:

    pijan,nanti kite setkan live interview kat kedai joe nak…aku nk siapkan zine korok kring #2 nih..artikel kau tak lepas kot kuar kat ricecooker..hahaha..aku bg can kau tulis dlm aku punye zine laa.mau?
    nanti aku jumpe kau kat ricecooker,aku bwk pen dan kertas..br best interview face to face..mau tak mau???

  25. thee dr. says:

    Rizie…if you’re looking for bands to interview, I’m trying to promote our upcoming split with NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM..English or Malay is fine…here’s our myspace urls…:



    Hollaback now….

  26. xnizangx says:

    plan-it-x? wow. aku pun nak.

  27. rizie says:

    owh ya thee DR.alrite..nanti aku buatkan soalan tu..dan semestinye aku tak tanya common soalan berbunyi seperti begini “sila perkenalkan diri masing-masing”…atau soalan yang tanya pasal genre muzik yang korang mainkan..mungkin boleh berbincang atau bersoal jawab mengenai dunia politik realiti atau nyata dan current isu…homopobhic mungkin..atau bercakap mengenai hardcore mungkin..atau mungkin boleh bagi ulasan mengenai “hero messageboard”…huhuuh…nanti aku concact kau by myspace ya…thanks btw…

  28. Pijan says:

    hoi rizie!
    Kau ni, bagi lah soalan yang fun skit..asyik serious aje..muak tau muak! tanyalah gosip budak2 gasoline ke, sebangai contoh :- “kenapa drummer korang, aiman tak ada awek lagi walaupun muka lebih jemmbu daripada budak hujan?hmm dengar cite dia teruna lagi,betul ke?”
    Takpun kau tanyalah, “betul ke man pernah jadi model iklan underwear dan masuk iklan tv indonesia?” Takpun ko tanya lah aku, “betul ke kau ni samseng tiga line kat damansara?” hahahaha

  29. shahrizal says:

    sengal punya pijan hahahaha

  30. rizie says:

    tau takpe..sengal lu pijan…hahahahha

    soalan untuk man tu tak bleh blah dowh..hehehe

  31. thee dr. says:

    Rizie..thanx a lot we can talk about any subjct you like…’teruna’…hehe

  32. Pijan says:

    sumpah man pernah berlakon iklan utk indon punya commercial! dia kena lari setempat selama sejam sambil kena siram air konon2 hujan turun! hahaha..syyy jgn bagitau tau dia..

  33. srzmn says:

    kanina lu anak wak miran!

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