Chin Yew’s Minicomics


Joe hoards and shares.

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9 Responses

  1. Zaxx says:

    Dah tengok. Menarik. Nak lagi.

  2. sany ADALAH alger says:

    have gone thru it…enjoy it very much albeit myself not a fan of comic.very simple but yet expressful.

  3. piut says:

    hey it’s been awhile. nice stuff.

    no airtight noise anymore?

  4. macuser says:

    One caveat. People on Macs would not be able to read the comics as the software is only for windows. dang.

  5. chinyew says:

    wow, great to see the response. and would
    like to thank the person who made this site.

    as for mac user, maybe you can change
    the file extension into *.rar. the file is
    actually a winrar file.

    hope it works.

    piut:hey, i’ve tried making airtightnoise
    work but then, nothing much really.
    but my younger brother getting very
    involve in the stuff that i use to play.


  6. xjimx says:

    hai chinyew,
    i dig ur minicomics very much especially “i like tv”.when will you’re gonna post the one if not the latest?

  7. aizattarmizi says:

    leh tahan la beb…buat le banyak lagi…baru best

  8. chin yew says:

    Hi guys, it’s been 10 years since this post. Anyone still interested in my comics please feel free to check it out here:

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