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Chin Yew: “A=B” 1

Chin Yew: “A=B”

Remember Chin Yew who put out a coupla net comics called “Sunday” and “I Like TV” years ago? Well. the man had just released his first short film on da net. Do check it...

Leaving Normal: Darren “Wiz” Brown 2

Leaving Normal: Darren “Wiz” Brown

This one goes to those who were there in the late 80s, the days of yore way before Nirvana broke into the mainstream and brought the type of music we love into glossy MTV-Disneyland....


Germany’s The 4-Sivits: Regional Tour April 2007

The 4-Sivits is a German’s old-school hardcore-punk revivalist playing a mixture of the classic early 80s US hardcore styles of Negative Approach, Jerry’s Kids, Circle Jerks, Uniform Choice etc. Active since 1997, the band...