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RedThePlaneeet! Southeast Asian Tour – May 2010! 0

RedThePlaneeet! Southeast Asian Tour – May 2010!

Netherland’s elektro-punk trio are planning a tour of this region in May, and they are very, very good!! The Ricecooker SHop will be helping out with a special KL show in late May. Stay...

Semenanjung Register #01 0

Semenanjung Register #01

from Fazri: Semenanjung Register Zine Debut Issue Saiz A4 Bahasa Melayu Harga : RM4ppd Bilangan mukasurat : 20. Zine Semenanjung Register merupakan sebuah zine kolektif. Bermaksud, isi perutnya adalah sumbangan daripada orang ramai. Untuk...

B.O.W. & Disarmament Records: Gallery! 0

B.O.W. & Disarmament Records: Gallery!

according to crust-demos: “a sludge/crust metal band from Los Angeles, USA and this is their web release demo recorded in 2009: It comes with nice artwork done by the bassist of the band and...

Punk//Ping//Ponk #4 – Out Ages Ago! 0

Punk//Ping//Ponk #4 – Out Ages Ago!

Patto Apparatus’ mega-crustoid fanzine has a new issue out and it has been out for a while now but we forgot to post this!! Wholesome raw-punx goodness! contact: punkpingponk < >