Carburetor Dung Java Tour“TUA” 2008!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. thee dr. says:

    You might wanna contact the airline first to see about that -also a good idea is to take separate flights so its not obvious you’re a band going on tour.

  2. Azim Me Not says:

    Kewl, Dung on Tour! All the best!

    To save you from a lot of hassle, If possible, I think it’ll be better kalau guitar’s tu check in luggage, guna hardcase (jangan lupa kunci) hehe.

    Thats what I did! Have a good one!

  3. shahrizal says:

    all the best for the tour bosses hehe

  4. Kia says:

    No problemo bro.. bring extra cable ties for hard case, cymbal bag, pedal, snare or small pad lock.. write your name / address / phone number and stick / tag it to your luggage as usual..

    “Fragile” sticker will be provided and sticked on your thingies if the staff is being informed during your check-in at the counter..

    Merchandise – bring more stickers / buttons / patches.. bring less tapes / cd for sale.. =)

  5. Joe Kidd says:

    Thanks guys,

    When I went to Korea with my guitar about 7 years back I checked it in as luggage. The case was covered by wound-up plastic sheet wrapping (a service available at KLIA, don’t know if that’s available at LCCT). So it was well-protected.

    But coming back I didn’t have the wrapping, so when I retrieved the case it was almost broken clean at the hinges! ALMOST PECAH BOSS! The guitar was okay though.

    Thing is the flight to Bandung is NOT that long, roughly round 1.5 hours. So yeah, maybe we should just do what Azim & Kia said, and check it in.

    As for the merchandise bit, thanks again to Kia, yeah I heard that kids there don’t buy CDs, tapes much. Mostly they would get them by offering trades. I don’t mind trading to get a lot of the local stuff to listen to though. We’ll be printing lots of stickers and do some buttons to give out for free. Patches is not so much a Carburetor Dung thing though! Ahah!

    Mat! Taking separate flights is gonna be a hassle. Going there as a band is not an issue I think. It’s all booked anyway.

    Thanks Shah. And Azim! How’s OZ treating you?

  6. pandaheadcurry says:

    Hmm…maybe I’ll schedule a long overdue business trip there. Tired of hanging out at keroncong/dangdut karaokes after work. Would be nice to see the fury of Dung unleashed.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of budget airlines.

    a) I don’t recall seeing the plastic sheet wrapping at LCCT. I’d be surprise if there’s on at the Bandung airport (never been there, normally go to Jakarta then take the train at Gambir station to Bandung)

    b) As someone mentioned, you could call Air Asia to ask of they’d allow you to carry the guitar on board. This is preferred. Air Asia is budget airlines – with that comes budget baggage handlers. I’ve had several suit cases ruined – they all seem to come back scuffed and covered in grease (I hope it’s grease). PLUS your shit will get wet if it rains. Hence, make sure all your baggage is WATER PROOF.

    c) One word on calling Air Asia. Did anyone mention this is a budget airline? Are you expecting to find some who can string a proper sentence (in either BM or English) on the other end? Well, prepare to speak s…l…o…w…l….y and use small words (max 2 syllables). Nosiree Joe. The people at the call center aren’t the crispiest fries in the Happy Meal. When we recently flew Air Asia to the Gold Coast, at LCCT, we asked where the Australia flight was…the counter chick said “We don’t fly to Australia”. I was baffled, I showed her the ticket and she said “Oh Gold Coast, we fly there”.

    d) If you find out that you can’t bring the guitar on board OR you can’t make the call center jockey give you a straight answer – buy, beg, borrow, steal, bend over and take it so you get a PROPER Travel Case. The baggage handlers WILL FUCK UP your guitar.

    One more thing. Air Asia has a 15 kg or so limit check in. I’m bettin’ that fine Les Paul of yours + a travel case + rig is going to take up 1/3 – 1/2 of that limit. Anything more and you pay through your nose per kg. So weigh your shit before you head out.

  7. Azim Me Not says:

    Oh, Its been great since I got here and its quite a nice place to hang out. The lifestyle/culture is just amazing! Thanks!

    Oh yeah, that weight thingy’s something to consider, bua group check-in one shot and you could combine the weight.

    anyway sir, im sure you’ll be able to get your rig there (intact and even in tune) without a problem, being early might help with last minute contingency plans if they don’t allow it in as hand luggage. It’ll get there for sure. If it doesnt, sue them!

    Again, Good luck and have fun!

  8. thee dr. says:

    Sweeet-the only reason I suggested it was when Frightener (from Britain )toured here with Pulling Teeth last year they took separate flights to avoid detection-I talked to Steve their guitar player and he told me it was $4000 for an artist visa-fucking ridiculous-inversely if an American band wanted to tour Britain it was only 300 quid (roughly $600)…the solution?They came separately with just their guitars and borrowed/shared Pulling Teeth’s gear-which worked out beautifuly or so I’m told…so I really didn’t know how that would work between Malaysia and…just thought I’d share…

  9. shahrizalisme says:


    Any idea of ‘OZ Dung tour’? Come and run you TUA in OZ after completing tour in Java. Here local OZ band even drop by at Uni to perform as part of their tour venues. You are welcome!


    Which part in OZ you live? I live in Melbourne.

    Best of luck!

  10. thee dr. says:

    That’s a good-ass idea-an Asia-Pacific tour-then next year you can tour the States with FASCIST INSECT-represent!!!

  11. Kalau camni aku pun nak menyampuk la….
    1) Plastic sheet wrapping – a service available at ONLY at KLIA, memang aku tak pernah nampak bendatang kat LCCT…(kedai hardware ada jual tu Joe…hehehe)
    2) separate flights aku rasa tak perlu sebab bukan nak masuk Australia ker UK ker…
    3) Memang Air Asia ada 15 kg limit check in luggage – kalau lebih setiap extra 1 kg kena charge rm15…
    4) Merch plak – eh, bebudak sana beli CD/tape jugak tapi kena tengok venue/crowd camna – TS memang cepat habis! So Dung di nasihatkan bawak RM lebih dan jgn nak expect bole dapat $$$ hasil merch… (PS: patches ‘n stickers kat sana bebudak main kasi free jer so kalau bawak untuk jual diorang garuk kepala aje….!)
    Lepas ni Straineyes nak setup agencies “Travel : Tips & Tricks” bole buat $$$! hahaha…
    Woi Kawin Tiong tak ajak aku pun – tak guna betul!

  12. Azim Me Not says:

    Hi Shah, Im in Perth. Will look you up if i get to Melbourne.

  13. Joe Kidd says:

    Thanks guys, sheesh, now I got a long list of “to-dos” to tick off.

    Rafil, I may just ditch the Les Paul for my old “rock-action” Ibanez! Very light that one, maybe the better choice for my aging back.

    Mazmi, we are not expecting to make money at all. Lose money ada lah but kalau boleh minimise the damage lagi bagus. Will bring some tees.

    Mat! thanks boss. We’ll be travelling with Krass Kepala, so we’ll be helping each other out with all that.

    Shah, I don’t want to jump the gun with other announcements. nanti tak jadi. but of course an OZ tour is possible, but only when the much rumoured “Twin Carburetors” in Adelaide get their shit together and tour with us!

    Azim, did you meet that guy who put out that Western Australia CD comp?

    oh, before i lupa. and this is because of mazmi’s post. Along Apparatus is getting married on the ELECTION DAY! And that’s this saturday.

    also Jimmy is getting married, or maybe dah got married. and as you know, Tiong and more. What the fuck is happening with the scene eh? Can’t you guys just stay together and get cats like me?

  14. shahrizalisme says:

    Hi Joe,

    No worries, if you need help for possible OZ tour just let me know. Ask Mang Kuchalana about my contact details. Perhaps Pari and Lee in Adelaide are eager to rock the Uni as well…Adelaide-Melbourne is not very far, just 8 hours drive!

  15. Kia says:

    Mazmi – mana aku tau ko tak tau.. aku ingat Tiong bgtau.. aku jadi pengapit tau.. hahaha

  16. zkuning says:

    joe aku baru balek dari chiangmai via bangkok. so its kind of transit. i take ‘Thai air asia’ and of cos im always with guitar. you dont have to worry about the guitar in air plane. it is not about budget airline but the size of the overhead storage. tiger is smaller and cannot fit your guitar. then you got to put it inbetween your leg. i got that one and so i dont fly tiger airline anymore but they cant make you throw the guitarlah just that its uncomfortable to have your guitar inbetween your leg more then half an hour

    air asia overhead cabin design is slighly bigger and guitar boleh sumbat. dont need to take different flight it dont make sense because sometime i see two or 3 people with guitar in the same flight with me and you know i fly real alot. just dont go in two person and tell the girl where to keep the guitar. alittle distance is good so the girl (if theres only one) know what to do. above all just give them the vibe that your guitar is expensive and its their duty to find the space for you. anyway guitar is not the bigges problem for attendant bcos its not long and thick. you wont believe what i have seen people trying to bring in haha

    two months ago i took the blue flight to moscow and i ask the attendant where should i put my guitar? the attendant say ‘ is it my problem to find a space for your guitar?’ and i reply ‘no its not your problem but its your duty to find the space’..she bring me to the first class which not usually full and there it is fucking big space even scooter can fit in.

    anyway bring hard case not bcos of the air asia you have to worry more about travelling from one place to another by bus or train or kereta lembu beb

    have a good trip im glad that dungboys is moving

    perhaps you got to worry about tempe tempe tempe hahaha

  17. Joe Kidd says:

    OK Zai, I’ll board with the guitar. That’ll be best.


  18. zkuning says:

    joe i just realise its a TUA project huh. ok i know you had enought opnion but i notice you will have to move alot and so i suggest you consider using trolley or something with wheels. my last tour in moscow and st petersgurg are blessed by wheels bcos hell shit they make us go train, bus, car and walk damn russian! and winter is a bonus to kick ass. anyway trolley bro it make life much easy

  19. myo says:

    hows the updates?tak sabar tengok poster. excited to see you guys touring around!

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