Capitalism Stole Their Virginity: The (International) Noise Conspiracy plays Indonesia


Joe hoards and shares.

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9 Responses

  1. kodokun says:

    we need more!

  2. mokhtar says:

    I wonder why no one even attempted to bring them to our shores.
    Amacam Malaysia? Shame…

  3. pau says:

    sape2 bawak ler sini beb!


  4. dean says:

    mild? tu company rokok kan? any rokok company kat m’sia nak bwk t(i)nc ??? geez!

  5. alak says:

    actually mokhtar i’ve mail them asking why they’re not playing other places in the region like Thai,Singpore,Philipinnes and Malaysia.
    Here’s Lars reply:

    “Thanks for writing! There are a couple of reasons why we don’t play any
    countries in the region besides Indonesia. Firstly, we only got
    offers from Indonesia, so that is all we knew to be possible. Secondly,
    we are also planning what to do after the Indonesian dates, so the
    timeframe for us is narrow to be in the region.

    We do however want to come and play more places like Malaysia and
    Thailand if we can, we just have to wait for the time to be right!

    Hope all’s well!

    / Lars Str??mberg – the (international) noise conspiracy”

  6. scum` says:

    owh yeah..

  7. Laqman Aljefri says:

    Sorry la malaysian. Gua dah tengok ini band la. first time dia main kat toronto gua ada di sana. Ini band buka untuk at the drive in. Lepas tu gua ada tengok lagi dia main sama nofx. lepas tu dia ada datang jadi head line. main sama itu ska band dari montreal Planet smasher . Kali terakhir gua tengok dia main kat warp tour 2004. hehehe… jadi kalau dia tak datang tak jadi masalah. tapi kalau dia datang lagi gua akan turun tengok. Oleh itu kalau lu orang ke luar negeri, rajin rajinlah menjauhkan diri dari warga warga melayu malaysia. rata rata dia orang tak layan ini macam punya band la.

    Gua nak tanya satu, kalau dia turun sini berapa tiket. Di canada gua kerja ‘fliping burger’ kat Licks dapat beli dah dia punya tiket dengan air kosong. habis kalau di sini berapa? Boleh ka, gua kerja dua jam kat mana mana burger joint dan beli tiket dia?

  8. Would INC come over to KL, crash on someone’s floor, eat at some veggie-friendly mamak stall, play their hearts out at paul’s place for a few negligible bucks and hang-out with new found friends, sightseeing & experiencing newfound surroundings and go home wihout bitching about the MONEY? Well, maybe in the early days of Refused they would. So, unless you are perfectly fine with paying big bucks to see a “political” band playing in-front of corporate cigarette and appliances backdrops in a huge impersonal stadium setting, shelve your plans.

  9. fariq says:

    they have played once in china if im not mistaken..

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