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Joe hoards and shares.

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6 Responses

  1. dean says:

    wan..gua nak love songs beb! ok! =)

  2. xnizangx says:

    the geeks takde ke wan?

  3. BoyDxF says:

    Aku nak All these While and Nostalgia disco…trade nak tak Wan.?

  4. OPiUM says:

    saya nak cd oi polloi satu bungkus ye…

  5. cactusdistro says:


    to dean. the love songs cd dah sold out. Ade orang booked dah. sorry eh!

    Then to nizang, the geeks cd also dah sold out. and aku try to restock at the future..

    To boy, yes aku bleh trade the CD but what do u offer.

    And to opium, yes cd oi poll oi masih ade. Nanti gig vitamin X aku pass. Whats ur name by the way!


  6. the doctor says:

    hey guys…if you’re interested in shit from ohio,gimme a holler-believe it or not,not one of the bands you listed up there have an american release-how about taking advantage of this situation?it’s hard as fuck to find even bands like eyehategod,enewetak,or even monster x,and these are american bands!-let alone european material-whaddaya say?i’ll look into this matter for y’all if you like-also joe-i still have yer electric eels cd and i wanna send it to you -the only reason i didn’t before is i didi not have yer mailing address-please guys-if you can find anything ON CD by bands like ftg,silent death-i mean any metal/hardcore/crust/grin/noise,it doesn’t matter what,from malaysia,get in touch and we can start trading-we got a lot of stuff like neurosis,buzzov*en,the melvins,melt banana,a lot of classic metal like diamond head-all kinds of shit-gimme a holler-bonus points if anyone can locate a good condition copy of enslaved chaos first(and sadly only)ep-my email address is joe,you wanna get in on this?!

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