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  1. the doctor says:

    i would order it but my system shock cd never arrived-xumb,anything you’d like to add?

  2. beck bXc says:

    hai,aku beck dari burning civilians.maaf kalau muzik kami kurang tight dan tidak cukup bagus.

    kami masih jauh lagi,dan banyak perkara kami harus belajar..

    and one more think,lagu butoh pada otai mengenai perjalanan kami semasa dalam scene itu sendiri.and lagu itu banyak tentang bagaimana kami diperlekehkan oleh segelintir orang yang tengok kami hanya budak kecil yang tidak tahu ape-ape.

    jika sesiapa yang terasa kami memohon maaf..

    maaf atas ketiadaan lirik and such…

  3. beck bXc says:

    and lagi satu,kami dari teluk intan perak…

  4. Joe Kidd says:

    hey beck! no offense taken lah! just bergurau je tu!

    pasal “otai” tak “otai” tu, that’s all boring “hierarchy” bullshit la. some of them are like dat, but hopefully not too many.

  5. Joe Kidd says:

    Susah gak untuk sesorang yang buat review menulis secara terus terang.

    aku harap the band tak kecik hati. kalu ada, aku mintak maaf, tapi aku rasa kritikan-kritikan secara jujur adalah perkara yang amat penting. kalau tak semua review tak ada makna, macam kebanyakan zine sekarang yang langsung tidak mempunyai sifat kritikal.

    satu lagi, perlu diingat, different people see things differently, and this is only my personal opinion, not everyone!


  6. zahir says:

    hi im zahir from burning civilians….
    anyway thanx for the demo review…
    xpe kite xrase kecik ati pun,no big deal man…


  7. Joe Kidd says:

    orait! that’s the spirit!

  8. the doctor says:

    yelah kite sume ong dewase kene pandei terima kritikan…but i would like to take this ruang to officially say a big ‘FUCK YOU’ to system shock for ripping me off-i guess these motherfuckers think just becuz i’m a mat saleh who lives in ohio they can do shit like that-i suggest you guys boycott them and their shitty rap-rock ‘music’…akhirkata,fuck them,fuck their band,and fuck their weak-ass excuses….

  9. xnizangx says:

    shock system…hmm…maybe they’re busy. zam or xumb (the vocalist) is a very nice dude active with FNBKL.

  10. the doctor says:

    that’s fine and good…but last time i talked to the motherfucker he said he was going to send it soon-this was almost a year ago…so all he succeeded in doing was making himself look bad…but then again,rip-offs are an old tradition-i could mention a few more names here but ii’m too much of a gentleman for that kind of finger-pointing…he’s the focal point-well,sink or swim motherrfucker…i’m gonna try to make it back in 2009 so we will definitely talk then..don’t know how much that boys gonna like it tho tell ya that right now…munkin die ingat ong putih takde roh barangkali…

  11. rayrox says:

    BxC!! hehe.. nice to be friends with this guys, having been played on the same stage toghter back in 1st may 2008( jeritan hati pekerja 1st, 60stdio, ibai. tganu!!!) it was awesome, the crowd, stdio owner, niq disarm recs… n thanx to the police for rushing so that 2-3 band failed to perform!! thanx so much pak pulisi… cibai!!!

  12. rayrox says:

    oh ya, utk meminta pndpt… cek out our project band time main ari tu d 60s—-

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