Born/Dead: Southeast Asian Tour 2007! Postponed


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. Kid says:

    FOR FRIENDS IN SOUTH EAST ASIA: If you wanna book BORN/DEAD a gig at your home town, you also could contact Kid of Mass Separation/Propamedia at or 013-2497199 or find me on Yahoo Messenger: kid_propamedia

  2. aizu says:

    cant wait for DIS show! hey Kid,projek camne? hehe

  3. ehmacmamacam says:

    Death to CRASS fonts!!!!


  4. Joe Kidd says:

    i wanna share an interesting story about the much-loved, and now apparently “hated” Crass font/typeface.

    A punk rocker kid who obsessively made his own dubbed-cassettes sleeves, asked his older brother to create the fonts for use on the PC. He gave his brother a Crass record sleeve (infamous for their open-up-into-a-massive-poster style). And so the older brother created the whole full-set of alphabets, and so the Crass font set was born.

    After making his brother happy, the elder put the whole thing up to the net for use by the worldwide punk rock kingdom. And now it’s allover the globe, downloaded, used for flyers, sleeves, t-shirts etc. etc. and who’s the guy who’s responsible?

    Well, the elder and the lil’ bro still live in KL lah…. Don’t wanna name names nanti the guys marah, boss. So yeah, that cursed Crass typeface? It’s Malaysian!

  5. melor says:

    where can i download the font? tq joe.

  6. Joe Kidd says:

    aiyoh boss! just write “Crass Font” and google it!

  7. melor says:

    then i knew.

  8. aizu says:

    kalau CONSUME dtg main sekali ni gerenti syok habis=)

  9. fariq says:

    can’t wait for this show!

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