Blogs Blabs: More Noise Without Sound (Not Much Anyway)


Joe hoards and shares.

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11 Responses

  1. dhani says:

  2. xbebas says:

    joe aku dah link ricecooker kat blog aku, senang sikit nok masuk ricecooker 🙂 – syukree

    sungguh dok nawok! –

  3. Joe Kidd says:

    memang mung dok nawok starang baroh! terima kasih ba’nyok!!

  4. SwittersLola says: that switters is so funneeee! mr joe sir, do you have his phone number? i want to give him a little something to cheer about. (my hard is beating so hard right now) maybe he’ll blog something sexy about me sometimes. 😉 heheheheeehee. mr switters sir, all i want to say is…me can love you long time. oh it’s true mr switters sir. you’ll see…

  5. dogpop says:

    aku pong ade link ke ricecooker gokkk!

  6. dogpop says:

    Tarski theme is cool!!!

  7. Joe Kidd says:

    wordpress 2.0 is also great. thinking of migrating ricecooker to that soon.

  8. dogpop says:

    yeah ver 2.0! still reading the manual laaa…think i can i manage it. lotsa improvement & tweaks!

  9. dogpop says:

    i’ve updated wordpress…and installed tarski..
    hmmmm joe, i wonder how do u changed the b/ground colour at obserbasi?
    hope u dont mind,…and have the time…where do u edit? the stylesheet? i wanna put my own b/ground..
    i’ve used css viewer plug-ins in firefox to view the CSS but i cant find it..
    thanks in advance.

    p/s: im actually almost 24/7 online with enormous speed, i sleep in the computer lab, hehe… so if anyone out there want to download files, help to search for something but doesnt have the bandwidth, i think i can help…i mean big file such as .ISO for linux,open source s/ware etc but impossible to download through cybercafe, 56kbps line…just gimme the address..and i’ll help. the only things i cant here is BitTorrent because the hole is closed. i’m linux/Open source advocate, would love to share everything within my knowledge to all. let windows goes down the drain. ciao

  10. izzat says:

    Hi Joe,

    Izzat here. Thought I’d share my pride in joining the long list of Malaysian bloggers. Linked it to ricecooker, carburetor dung and obserbasi. Hope u don’t mind. When can we have a few rounds?


  11. Joe Kidd says:

    hey izzat. come september 1st. lil havana. unclogged mah! bloody mary please!

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