UPDATE: Basement & Cactus Records: Fall To Their Death New CD!


Joe hoards and shares.

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8 Responses

  1. mosh says:

    thanks joe…!

  2. AntonOemar says:


  3. thee dr. says:


  4. moshing_machine says:

    that mean cannot moshing anymore ?

  5. drawnquartered says:

    this shit is what i called heavy. sorry to say, but local bands like cassandra, dashown and their ilks does not fit into my definition of heavy. but this band..kills.

  6. kid says:

    good recordings, good artwork / concept. a well done job!
    recommended to friends thats into isis, pelican or even his hero is gone and peers.

    thanks to wuck for trading a copy with me, i definitely would like trade more! if i have to vote for the best local releases in 2008, this FFTD cd definitely gonna be one of them.

  7. lengkap dgn deskripsi style musik nya.
    pasti akan saya beli nnti.
    selalu mahu mendgr band lokal playing post metal/sludge stuffs.

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