Banned in Kuala Kangsar!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. adzakael says:

    this is one of the reasons kenapa aku tak nak balik malaysia.
    nak main gig pun tak boleh!
    (Bukannya ada ritual sembelih kambing puja setan pun)
    Diorang bukan against youngsters, tp against independent thinking young ppl yg mampu berdiri tanpa tongkat dr org lain. Diorang suka youngsters yg pemikirannya dependent dgn diorang.So senang sikit nak dikontrol.

    Kalau camni gayanya,hujan emas dinegeri orang,hujan batu dinegeri sendri,baik lagi duduk kat negeri orang hari-hari hujan emas boleh jd kaya mcm Bill Gates dr hujan batu dah la badan sakit,kepala pun sakit,tangan pon lebam,mata pun bengkak.

  2. walski69 says:

    Did anyone seriously expect anything less? In the home state of FatwaMan?

    It is precisely this sort of crap, and clear anti-young person stance, which led to the writing of this song.

    And yes, this “news” will be placed on my blog as well… perhaps it’s time that we started a “Rock-the-vote” type of campaign – to instill awareness in the younger generation to get anyone of age to register to vote, then speak with their vote during election time… No vote means no representation, and no representation means that your rights will, sooner or later, be trampled on.

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