Asparagus A: We Don’t Need a Strong Opposition, We Need to Kill Democracy!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. Joe Kidd says:

    Thanks to our friend in Borneo for that one. I just hope that those who are not going to turun padang besok have the same conviction (enough to do all the actions needed) and the reasoning, that is other than utter, resigned apathy. Hopefully I’m not hoping for far too much.

    Anyway, to further the discussion upon Direct Democracy as mentioned by Fahmi on his comments, here’s an example of it being in action (after a fashion lah)

    Switzerland’s Political Systems

    I met one of the Swiss people’s elective committee last week while hanging out at Bukit Bintang over some coffee. Much fun was had with his stories and reflections. Not just about the system though but also the influence of 1968 in galvanising the students then.

    How I wish I have recorded the conversation.

  2. fahmi reza says:

    bagi kawan2 yang fikir ‘direct action’ bukan budaya kita, sila lah baca tentang aksi ‘non-violent direct action’ terbesar dalam sejarah negara kita – Hartal Se-Malaya 1947!

    artikel bahasa malaysia
    artikel bahasa inggeris

    kalau malas nak baca artikel di atas, atau masih tak percaya yang datuk nenek kita memang kaki revolusioner kental dan dah buat aksi ‘civil disobedience’ sebelum kamu mengenal anarcho-punk, situationism, crimethinc, FNB, dll. tonton saja filem pendek ’10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka’.

    hartal pilihanraya ke-12! jangan main bola!

  3. lori says:

    Semangat untuk melepas kan diri daripada penjajah…nasionalisme (atau mungkin komunisme) yang kuat membolehkan datuk nenek kita dulu bersatu padu dalam membebaskan tanahair.Apa yang dilaksanakan oleh generasi kini merupakan satu elemen penghormatan buat yang terdahulu dari kita.

  4. alak says:

    “Semangat untuk melepas kan diri daripada penjajah‚Ķnasionalisme (atau mungkin komunisme) yang kuat membolehkan datuk nenek kita dulu bersatu padu dalam membebaskan tanahair.”-LORI

    Apa kot?

  5. watai says:

    how about dgn “penjajahan minda”???…..
    adakah we still dijajah???….poor us..
    what is our influences???…no matter in music..idealogy……articles…etc…
    hehehe..think about it….
    kenali asal usul kita….then lets talk about FREEDOM…INDIE….
    then create some song ..lyrics about “hartal se-malaya 1947″…
    no more “anarchy in the U.K”……..

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