Asas & Youth Crime: Sarjan Hassan / Conquest for Death – Split-Tape


Joe hoards and shares.

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8 Responses

  1. alak says:

    sarjan hassan kicks ass!!!two thumbs up!

  2. BraderJohn says:

    sungguh crossover la design hang nie … if dri ada lagi sure dier pun tiru hang punya design nie …

  3. Joe Kidd says:

    Memang best. The whole Sarjan Hassan part on this tape is excellent. Saw them at the Bollocks show yesterday and they were banging good, only hampered by the sound setup lah! According to Apizzz (the guitarist), the tracks were recorded at Mokhtar’s, they laid down the basic tracks live and then layered bits of the guitars. And it was less than 50 bucks per hour also lah.

    The Otherside Orchestra was recorded at Meng’s Standing Wave – and it’s also very impressive. Itu tak master lagi tu!

    I wish there will be more great recordings like this in the scene. Am tired of listening to muddy tracks!

  4. zerox says:

    the sarjan hassan side was killer. in all fairness aku belom dgr CFD side lagi but still SH killer.
    rip singapore apart someday dudes!

  5. Dude says:

    Damn.. i got to have this tape!!!
    Anyway, Sarjan Hassan new logo’s kick ass!!!
    Total crossover worshipper!!!
    Bring back the lost spirit of Crossover!!!

  6. Kid says:

    no doubt the best thrash out of peninsular malaysia scene these recent years


  7. zerox says:

    look out for their upcoming split cd with BLINDED HUMANITY on Prohibited Projects. drunkthrashcore vs mabokdbeat rage….

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