Artifacts: Two Old Flyers from 1994!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. mohd JAYzuan says:

    tahun 94 aku darjah 6. maybe sedang main bola sepak berkaki ayam ketika gig ni berlangsung. hehe.

  2. kip says:

    Joe ….aku masih ingat lagi first gig aku kat KL dgn Future Primitve ” Away from the numbers” ngan Static, Mechanical baby, DPSA, Minority dan Stone Crowes hihihi……….aku masih simpan lagi T-shirt dia hihi

  3. xnizangx says:

    aik…kite same umur ke jay? hoho…

  4. Zul-Submarinestone says:

    Woit joe semer gig yg ko buat aku support dan aku datang … kat fui chu hall, kat piccadilly and gig kat Metalicca musical lounge… masa tu ko guna AEDES noise.. kala bleh ko buat la review tentang band band ni… band yang main kat metallica musical lounge spt TORMENTOR,EXIST,ZAF,PUNISHER,RATOR,FTG,ABCD,NEMESIS,PUNISHER,SILENTDEATH,SLAPDEATH,OPPOSITION PARTY dll tak ingat dah..(Chinese New Year Eye Party and Konsert Thrash)

    Kala bleh buat ler citer tentang band PICAGARI… aku minat ngan band ni dulu… itu pun sekali jer aku tengok dia org perform masa kat Pesta pekeliling(EXPO Pekeliling1988) dengan Hijrah (pilgrim)

  5. Joe Kidd says:

    Hey Kip! Thanks for reminding me of that one. So it seems like I did more than two shows there.

    Static later became United Colours of Frustration. I’ve been hanging out with guitarist/vocalist Ian Theseira a lot last month. He is planning to play again. Anyone remember Mechanical Baby? Ada orang cakap they were from Ipoh. Aku dah lupa, was it that band that featured Boy Disaster’s sister? Someone said they were from KL.

    DPSA, excellent punk rock band from KT. I met band leader Angah at Jijoe’s wedding last year. He has stopped playing and became quite lebai now.

    Stone Crowes, Jijoe’s band, another excellent KT band, a bit like Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. Jijoe came back to KL about three years ago and wanted to reform that band with its original bassist Ce’lok (who’s now teaching somewhere in Klang), but Ce’lok don’t wanna play anymore. So the project died lah.

    Most of the Minority gang (originally from Kuantan) are all living in KL now but I don’t know if the band is still alive. It seems to be very dormant.

    And Future Primitive. Most excellent indie-rock band from JB. Apa jadi with the band? Well, maybe Kip can tell us.

    Can you snap a picture of that t-shirt Kip?

  6. Joe Kidd says:

    Hey Zul, wahhh! Awak pergi to all the gigs? Excellent! Ada ambik gambar tak? Video? Flyers ada simpan? Aku sebenar ada all those old flyers sebelum Picadilly, tapi kena korek lah. Tengokla, kalu ada masa aku bukak all those old folders.

    Aku dengar Picagari’s Araya la ni ada kat Langkawi. Dia dengan Karim Punisher were playing in club bands kat Ko Samui and Pipi Island, Southern Thailand for many years. Both got married there too. Aku jumpa both of them at the I Thrash reunion show last year. Rosdan Punisher ada kat Ipoh, aku dengar business airbrushed artworks.

  7. the doctor says:

    subculture-i remember first seeing them around the end of 94 playing at the ‘tribute to kurt cobain’ show-for the life of me i can’t remember the name of the venue but the show also introduced the world to skeletanic and a couple of other bands who went to have some modicum of mainstream success-anybody rememebr the name of the venue?at enslaved chaos first kl gig around mid-96 subculture headlined-zul from temerloh organized the actual show -it was somewhere in ampang at a disco-dangdut-vicous azael also played and i think by side off,our buddies from kuantan-good times… for lan bear i used to be real good friends with him and he even gave me a copy of abc…deads demo tape ‘among the living’one day we went to rizal and reza(who i think were infectious maggots guitarists at the time)in ampang-they had old demos from mutilation and silent death,including a track from silent death called ‘evil bastard’…this was around 94 or 95….i was like 18 years old at the time…young,so young….

  8. mohd JAYzuan says:

    yes la nizang. tahun 1982. sama laaaaaaaaa..

  9. kalium666 says:

    Heh, used to look forward to those gigs, I lived in the neighbouring Damansara Kim at that time and just walked over to Piccadilly.

  10. kip says:

    hihi…. Joe aku dah stop main cause kena consentrate ngan my 2 junior BTW my musical diet pun dah bertuka ke Folk and Cuban Music (Beuno vista social club)maklum la dah tua hihih so jarang2 la dgr Punk and extreme music lagi…. and im now into collecting DVD and film releated stuff. So Joe aku nak tanya sikit btol ke gig Revenge of the rats tu the first indie gig kat KL

  11. Joe Kidd says:

    hey there good doctor, Subculture came out with a best of CD or maybe a double-CD recently, put out by InterGlobal Records (ex-PonyCanyon, now no more ties with the Japanese parent company). I saw it in the papers, haven’t managed to get the CD just yet. I like Subculture when they play live. They were a tight band, but I can’t say I like their recorded music though, mostly because of the very smooth production values. They were a Ramones-y band, with some rock’n’roll. Good times music, not political at all. In fact, band leader Azreen came out on radio (or maybe on TV) during the height of “anti-punk” speeches by Mahathir, Azreen was saying something like “life in Malaysia is all good, there’s nothing to complain about”. Hah!

    Whatever happened to By Side Off? I think there was a demo years ago.

    BTW; I got an sms from Lan Bear a week ago. Apparently Maggots is playing a show at the Titan Club, this Saturday. I haven’t seen any flyers though. The band is back together with Bear and “kembar” (Reza) and three new members. I may go and check that show out.

    So you were here those days eh Rafil? I thought you were in the US being a good nerdy student.

  12. Joe Kidd says:

    Hi Kip! Bueno Vista eh? You are getting way too old before your time man! I do like some of that too. Saw the movie too, but can’t afford the tickets when the Cubans came to play at the Philharmonic.

    Revenge of the Rats 1993 is the first gig where there were no metal bands included, meaning that it is the first show with only punk, or punk-influenced and indie bands. Before that all the gigs would feature metal bands on the same stage. After that show, you started seeing a gradual separation between the metal and punk/indie genres. It’s the point where metal bands started to drift into their own scene.

    This is typical whenever a scene exploded into a huge congregation of differences. Lines were drawn and so were the allegiances. Nobody can stop that. It’s almost natural. When I was in Seoul, Korea a few years ago, I met hardcore kids, skinheads and punks, all hanging out together and they said to me, “Joe, we will always be together like this. United till the end”. I can’t help having a smirk, and said, “yea, yea, yea…”

    Wanna collect DVDs? Go to Vietnam one of these days, ultra-cheap, good quality DVD9, and tonnes of great titles, comes with very nice packaging too. My household was recently gifted with 50 such DVDs, all made in China (I suspect lah).

  13. kip says:

    Yup…i agreed Joe , aku stop collecting original DVD after discover this china made DVD… nice packaging, awesome picture and sound quality almost like original…So Joe see any good movies lately? beside Tom cruise action pack penipu…hihih Now im into collecting old western movies from Sam peckinpah and sergi leone and my current favourite Gary Cooper’s 50s western classic “High Noon” hihih jgn marah Joe -off topic

  14. Joe Kidd says:

    yeah, we got high noon from vietnam! been a big fan of Peckinpah & Leone since I was a wee boy paying the door bitch 50 sen to be allowed to sneak into panggung wayang Happy, Dungun!

    have you seen Clint Eastwood’s Joe Kidd yet? hehehe!

  15. kip says:

    yup, mesti la Joe,, Clint eastwood tuuu !!! the man with no name…..are u a bounty hunter too Joe? hihihi,,,right now still waiting from Amazon for my order of “The Clint Eastwood Gift Set (A Fistful of Dollars, For A Few Dollars More, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly). So Joe kat vietnam berapa harga those China made DVD tu??

  16. the doctor says:

    hey guys,i don’t mean to nitpick…but i thought we were talking about old shows/gigs….by side off were a side project between members of sub society,d.e.p. and hustler honey…i featured shahril(sub society guitarist)on vox,amat (from kuantan grunge band hustler honey)on bass,d.e.p. guitarist tojeng on guitar and wan setan(formerly of forgotten crust/grindcore legends spirit alchohol )on drums…i remember the first gig i ever saw their first gig at at tms disco dangdut in kuantan around mid 96-nobody was wearing a shirt,it was sweltering inside and as corny as it sounds,you could feel the’hardcore’ in the air…i knew shahril from when i was in u.s.s. in kota bharu in 94-back then everyone called him as which i guess was his ‘school’ name -he was the fisrt person i saw play some minor threat riffs,old school american hardcore punk-unfortunately everyone present was more interested in nirvana and the pistols at the time-even though shahril was tresponsible for getting a lot of people into hc/punk ,by mid-97 he was no longer in the scene -he was already working and i guess kinda’grew up’ so to speak….i don’t think by side off ever recorded a demo,cuz,beleive me i would have owned it,even though there were a couple of their songs i wished they could have recorded-one was their live opener’bring them down’-it had an amazing verse,a good chorus-real biohazard lite-the other was ‘6 step’-also ultra groovy,had a great riff…as for the maggots, i have a copy of besi karat simfoni’my brother yahya/ian burned for me,in addition to what i think is koffin kansers second release,which i cannot stop listening to….on the subject of westerns,a dvd compilation of sam peckinpahs films came out recently and so did a compilation of all the john ford directed john wayne movies….why get the vietnamese or chinese garbage- i live in ohio i’m sure we could work out a deal-speaking of which,hey joe when ya coming to ohio?you can crash with me-ministrys coming to town june 25th,blue cheer on july 5th..think about it..later,fellas

  17. Joe Kidd says:

    “why get the vietnamese or chinese garbage” – you crazy? at 10 % of the originals prices with great quality and packaging?

    thanks for the rundown on BSO man. Shit, I didn’t know nothing about them apart from some gig flyers I saw. The same with Spirit Alcohol. Great name! I’m going to clean up your post mat so it reads easier.

  18. mohd JAYzuan says:

    D.E.P is a great band. Remember seeing them live for the first time in Kuantan back in 1999 kot. Tak tahu apa cerita depa lagi skang. Cuma baru ni aje, Acai (the frontman) ada contact aku.. dia singgah Ipoh sat sementara nak balik kampung bini dia somewhere up north kat Perak.

    Studio D.E.P at the Bus Terminal Kuantan pun dah takda. The guys behind D.E.P is the prime movers in the Kuantan scene back in the old days.

    Now, tak tahu apa jadi sama Kuantan. Takdak dengar berita sangat pun..

    P/S: Wish someone boleh ajak D.E.P main show balik kalau depa still ada.

  19. moskito says:

    i remember going to Atria from Klang bus station last time. Lining outside to enter the club. i remember watching bands like (forgot the skinheads band) oag, butter,carburetor,spiral, and the memorible one The splatters. until today i remember the singer that look like fonzie jumping to the song. He was way cool. i bought their small orange vynil but lost it when moving to new house, dammit. & i bought fathul’s artzine as well at the entrance. The skin band always cover the ‘gangster’ song by the special if not mistaken, then There always fightbetween the skins. i remember the punks spitting at each other down the moshpit. usually the gig end up with somebody with bloodstains on the face. but it was all good memories. Thanks for organizing all best gigs ever. Now the place has turn into a language school. I still can remember everytime i go there. this use to be the cbgb of kl.hehe.

  20. Joe Kidd says:

    The Splatters? There was a good band before The Splatters became The Splatters. If you have a copy of the old 1993 comp A Circle of Friends, there’s a band in there called as Soulwound. I loved this band to bits those day. The sole song they did in that comp is still great. One simple cycle of three chords but the singer turned it around with his singing, making it very special indeed. Good voice, good intuition, good singing.

    Anyway, the singer was later “kidnapped” by his family, taken away from the band and sent off to college or some university somewhere. This was what I heard. Anyway the rest of the band hooked up with a new singer As and from then they turned into The Splatters, a totally early-80s Brit-punk tribute band complete with the looks (wraparound sunglasses, leather jackets and the Union Jack) and all that trappings.

    I stayed away from them after a while since their following were of the same sort as the nasty chaos punks who were at The Exploited show recently. The typical aggro bunch, ready for a ruck at anytime. “Punks” as in the sensationalist eyes of the mainstream media. Not my scene that.

    Earlier on in late 1992, I was always on the mini bus heading for Gombak, where I was running Sonic Asylum. And everytime I’m on the bus I would see As, who I didn’t kow at the time, and his bags would be full of Guns’n’Roses stickers and stuff like that. I guess he found punk rock after that and gone Sex Pistols-crazy, or something.

    BTW; The Splatters and Subculture were very close with each other those days, almost like twins. And just like Subculture, The Splatters sometimes came out of the woodwork and play till now. I heard As is now a part of a big motorcycle gang or something, riding a Harley and all that. I think The Anti-Nowhere League was a huge influence.

    So Moskito, did you take pictures? I would love get copies of them.

  21. Joe Kidd says:

    By the way guys, I put up another flyer from the Picad days on Carburetor Dung’s site many months ago. It’s a show organised by Tang and featured Dung, Spiral Kinetic Circus, Project AK, Basic Rights, Boot-off, Belacak & The Cranks. The gig happened on March 31st 1996. Ten years ago!

    go here to see:

    Beat of The Street Gig 1996

  22. Zul-Submarinestone says:

    Hai Joe. Dulu memang aku ada simpan gambar, flier, dan keratan artikel ko dari blasting concept.. aku simpan semer benda tu kat dalam album besar.. tapi sayang seribu kali sayang..album tu aku dah bagi wartawan utusan malaysia.. aku bagi tu masa kecoh pasal PUNK..siap kuar muka depan budak tengah pogo kat picadilly.. sampai mahathir pun buat ulasan tentang punk kala tak silap dalam tahun 1996 or 1997.. Aku pun tak puas ati pasal citer aku bawak album tu yg ada flier ngan artikel ko pegi kat jalan chan sow lin… jumpa ngan wartawan yg buat citer tu…aku explain kat dia..dan bagi gambar dan artikel ko skali… dia cakap nak pulang kan kat aku balik.. bila aku nak amik balik album tu…dia dah resign.. so album aku pun dia rip off skali.. aku pun tak dapat cari dia… aku paling sayang sekali flier klasik kertas warna biru.. gig kat metallica.. Gig Chinese New Year Eve Party dengan Flier Konsert Thrash. Kebanyakan gambar yang aku ambil masa gig kat picadilly ngan Fui Chui Hall… gambar awek singapore pemain dram kumpulan Pyscho Sonic tengah terkangkang main drum pun ada..

    Sapa the doctor ni… first gig aku buat kat subang jaya tahun 1995, and second gig kat jalan ampang D`carnival fun club.. IN LOVE WITH THE SYSTEM…(Joe Kidd yang buat flier tu..) tima kasih la sebab tengok gig masa aku bawak Subculture, Enslave Chaos dan lain tu…thank for support…

  23. xnizangx says:

    Kuantan is where i went to my first ever gig in form 4 (1998). Kuantan used to have exciting gigs every month at that time. My DEP “dullaby” cassette is now with Ujay…hmm…and the first demo “self-titled” i think is still there at my house in Ktrg.

    Hope they can play again.


    And Enslaved Chaos too was very good. but i lost the cassette.

  24. Joe Kidd says:

    Hey Zul! Awat la lu bagi kat dia orang! Laaa. Most journalists out there, kalu hang antar masuk kursus 4 tahun sarjana muda punk rock pun tak ada effectnya. Otak dah beku beb! Satu lagi, even if they faham, they still kena go through the paper punya sub-editor, yang kemudiannya terpaksa melalui editor, general manager, dan jugak bahagian periklanan serta pasaran. Apabila datang ke area “pasaran”, punk rock kena dijadikan terus sebagai “sampah masyarakat” baru lah newspaper boleh dijual. Itulah ceritanya yang sememang amat benar.

    Wahh, gambar Siti Psycho Sonic pun hang bagi kat dia? Duih! Do you remember the name of this reporter? Aku dengar Ajizz “the Rongak Death” (Vortex from East fanzine) has been working with the Utusan group for many years. Maybe dia boleh tolong.

    Okay, DOCTOR ni sebenarnya Mat Ribis Enslaved Chaos lah. La ni dah balik kat USA. Dengar-dengar nak balik sini, nak reform Enslaved. Amacam Mat? Bila lagi kot?

    In Love With The System gig? Aku rasa ada flyer tu aku simpan.

    Thanks, Zul.

  25. the doctor says:

    isk…you ask me some hard questions,abang joe…i don’t think i can reform enslaved chaos for the time being..this fall i ‘m gonna start college at tri-c(cuyahoga community college)to take radiology…maybe get into the medical profession…but i still wanna reform the chaos some time in the future…who is the doctor?if anything,i am your friend…i have another funny tidbit about the d’carnival show-when i found out that by side off was playing ,i called up zul-this was maybe a few weeks after enslaved chaos was formed -and asked him if we could play i was memang a muke(suare kat talipon?)tak malu but i wanted to promote this new band…zul put put us down on the flier as’enflaved chaos’…ah,the nineties…but i’ll never forget the jase baik of him getting us in on such short notice….zul,if you’re reading,this bud’s 4u,brother…

  26. Zul-Submarinestone says:

    Hai JOE sory for the late reply i’am quiet buzy right now… if i not mistake nama wartawan tu zaidi.. kalau sesiapa ada simpan keratan akhbar tu tentu ada nama dia… memang betul cakap ko tu joe.. aku ingat nak kasik pinjam jer kat dia tak sangka la plak dia resign..Hampeh tul… Hahhaah gambo siti PSYCHO SONIC tu serupa dengan gambo yang ko buat review dalam blasting concept cuma gambo yang aku amik tu dia nya kangkang lagi luas muehehhehe kala tak silap tajuk review ko tu THE FORE OK… Hahahha AJIS THE RONGAK DEATH keje kat utusan… aku tak tau citer tu.. lama betul aku tak jumpa si ajis ni.. dulu masa aku lepak ngan bebudak RATOR kat Kg Medan selalu la jumpa dia .. masa tu dia ngan NECROFIST.. kala ko jumpa ajis mintak tolong sket jo.. sayang wooo.. album tu macam macam ada.. boleh buat arkib tu.. simpan kat dalam muzium kah kah kah kah..


  27. kucingbelang2 says:

    old flyers/demos/photos are important to the scene..i still have flyers/photos from the days of Paradise Club,Semua House,Metalicca Lounge,the pub at Life Centre,Pesta Thrash Galactica,Modar live at Sri Gombak,Mutilation at Bangsar,Pesta Thrash at Stadium Merdeka ’88,the gig at Voodoo disco,the gig at ampang point organised by Vijay,the gigs at Fire disco and the days of Piccadilly.

    all the old flyers were hand made with each bands have their own unique band logo plus back then everybody passed a flyer to anybody who they see are into this music and friendship grows.i saw the early days of the kl undeground scene and it was glorious.great friends,gigs,atmosphere etc..

    at one of the super intense Sil Khannas gig at Life Centre,while they were playing “antichrist” by Slayer,abg naim jumped on stage,screamed the words into the mic and stagedived back into the crowd.awesome!!!

    and at this gig at Paradise Club,while Pilgrims were belting “god save the queen”,lan bear of Infectious Maggots accidently kicked the pub glass door and it shattered to peices while pogoing/moshing and also at Paradise Club,where Sil Khannas played when Mie Rambut of BlackFire joined them on stage and sang “silkhannas”..i was crushed!!!

    Modar live at Sri Gombak,that gig was at a funfair and Modar played super slow doom and it was raining.grimm as fukk atmosphere!!! Mutilation live at Bangsar’s funfair with muddy pools in front of the stage? was so fun!!

  28. BoyDxF says:

    Hey Joe..if hang nak all the flyers kat Piccad from 93-96 aku ada simpan lagi kat ipoh..bukan sekeping 2…ada byk..coz last time masa aku dok Ipoh..aku la yang jadi pengedar flyers di seluruh Perak..habis satu town ipoh puny awall aku lekat…nanti aku balik aku bawak mai dan scan..aku plan nak buat satu web tribute to all late 80’s and early 90’s bands. Video kat Piccad pun aku ada …all tape dlm hi8 video cam lagi. Tape gig tu semua ada ngan aku..not just hardcore gig..punks semua ada..the one carburator main ngan Stompin Ground pun ada…Splatters, etc… even the huge gig kat Life Centre pun ada….i’m serious tak tipu…i have it now with me..but one condition..aku tak leh pinjam coz dah runsing bagi org pinjam then buat reta..last2 habuk pun tak da..if u want nanti aku usahakan transfer dlm pc and do it a vcd or dvd pun boleh…

    yang paling busan..semua tape video gig ipoh semua member pinjam buat hilang..habis kenagan band aku dan member aku…cis celaka…gig Kl je yang selamat.. Joe i nak tanya if you ada shoot our band photos masa gig kat tepi pantai Penang tu in 1994. Ala yang Vinh Dish organised Mini Woodstock tu…kalau ada scan and e-mail kat aku…aku tak ada gambar gig time tu..tak da sorang pun bawak camera..i remeber u had it coz gig tu punya story keluar dlm the SUn with Reza of Voice kalau leh tolong yek…

    Gambar pulak..mostly band HC yang main kat Piccad je…


  29. BoyDxF says:

    Hey Joe

    My sister band name was Spellbound. They formed in 95 and split up in 97. They are the 1st all female indie band from Perak. My ex-girl friend on the mic, my guitarist Matt little (now play with Karisma dlm rancangan TV Rentak Juara) sister on guitar, their school mate Noreen on 2nd lead and Sierra on bass.

    I’m looking for those who had footage of them playing at the 1st all girls gig in Piccad somewhere around 95-96 with Obstacle Upsurge, Psycho Sonique, Cheyyene (lupa da nama band tu… ) apa entah nama band jaja, Fendi’s wife band dulu..with Shalan ex-girl on drums…then ada band yang kuar dlm comp Positive Tone tu..lupa lak nama band all girl tu..ala 3 peice je band tu…shit lupa lak…
    If you happend to have any pic or footage of this gig or band pls inform me and i’m willing to trade.. i have tons of locals and overseas HC punk, grunge, indie, metal videos….

  30. xnizangx says:

    sinead o’ mine and intoxicated?

  31. Joe Kidd says:

    Thanks Boy!

    Yeah. Spellbound. Now it clicks.

    Sinead O’ Mine featured Fizzi, Jaja & Mas on drums. They reformed for one show as “Kenanga Oren” with Fendi Dung on bass a few years ago for an Unclogged show. I have this on video and audio too. Fizzi and Fendi has a 4 year old kid now. Jaja is still going out with Ogy (Mutilation/Cyberwerks) while last year Mas was telling me she’s gonna get married this year. Haven’t heard anything though. Mas was The Shitworkers’ first drummer too!

    Intoxicated reformed for a while when they put out a self-released CD years ago. As you may known drummer Rina is with TV8 and you can see her hosting programs and such. One of them married Adlin (currently with Lied) but I heard they are divorced now.

    Psycho Sonique. Wah! I used to have a huge crush on the drummer Siti! Nothing much is heard from them though but bassist Ginette is still vey active with her band Astreal and many other things she’s doing. go here: myspace & Astreal

  32. Joe Kidd says:

    Hey boy, it would be great if I can my hands on those old flyers. Tak kira Picad or not! but the more important one will be the VIDEOS!! I WANT!! I met Jaei Sil Khannaz recently and he also has a video of Dung playing with Sarawak’s death metal abnd Senseless from 1994! Dang! Nanti aku contact hang. Aku nak dalam DV format, senang nak edit.

    As for the gig tepi pantai in penang tu (1994), aku rasa ada a few pictures, tapi kena korek la. Maybe one of these days lah. That show was a good one. No lights so we had to built up bonfires on both side of the “stage”. The “stage” was made out of parts from beds taken from the house we were at. Actually the whole stage area was under the house’s verandah!

    I wanted to jump into the sea but then there was broken glasses everywhere!

    Acid Rain was also playing. They were very new at the time still no connection with the reported Nazi-Punk thing. They also has Henry on vocals, a nice Chinese guy who was really intense while playing, like Rollins mah! I met Henry much later in KL and he was working with one big advertising agency.

    I played with The Shitworkers, with Fendi on vocals, Mas on drums and Ami (Noisemongers/The Pilgrims) on bass. We played two songs, and repeated the first song! That was all we can do as we only had two songs anyway! Ha Ha!

  33. a’kum.. saya nak mintak tolong la kepada otai otai old skol punkers disini, saya amat mengidam la lagu lagu dari The Splatters dan Acid Rain. boleh tak saya dapatkan link lagu mp3 dia. sape ade saya memang respek dia la. dah lama saya mencarinya. bole tak. brader joe takkan takde brader joe? send sekali kat email saya ke myspace saya. atau roger saya ke. bole tak?

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