Artifacts: Banned in KL, Voodoo Disco – Saturday, 6th November 1993


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. scum` says:

    i wish deflowered is back! 🙂

  2. BoyDxF says:

    I saw that spiral edge logo before… i think Ami of Noisemonger drew that to me before back in that heyday in an exclusive interview with his old band Noisemonger…

  3. the doctor says:

    damn-i was just a kid when this flyer came but this is the kind of show which i would have loved to go and these are the kinds of bands i wanted to know-spiral edge- ith ink joe kidd made up the term and my drummer in u.s.s. used it as the basis for ‘spiral youth’ on enslaved chaos’ ep-it was also our driving philosophy-‘drink,beer,smoke weed,and listen to enslaved chaos’-this was ‘spiral edge’ philosophy to me-we were rather nihilistic in those days,you see…

  4. Joe Kidd says:

    It’s just a basic reaction really. A bit of fun ribbing our friends. As far as we know, the first few “straight-edge” guys in the scene back in 1990-93 was our mates in the band A.R.T. (Another Reasonable Thought) and friends of Lee (Hijrah/Pilgrims/Dung) at his college.

    The concept of “straight edge” in Malaysia didn’t/doesn’t gel with me anyway. I would understand it if you are in the States, where most people drink etc. Over here, almost everyone around you is “straight-edge”, even when they have never heard of the Minor Threat.

    So in the end it was just another term taken and ingested without putting it in context of our surroundings. To me, it smells like chickenshit conformists hiding under a “cool” “hardcore” banner. “Spiral Edge” has always been a good stick poking fun at all of that.

    I do see the positive side to SE, the problem is when it became a wall between friends and bands. And when it became another excuse to built another “clique”. The whole thing is pretty banal and juvenile anyway.

  5. El Pheng says:

    Straight to the point joe! I happened to bump onto these bunch of SE/muslimcore(!) guys back when these things are growing. I was wearing jeans koyak and happened to wearing a flight jacket ( for riding motorsikal) which used to be related to skinheads. They were skeptical of me cos i’m a heavy smoker and i can feel the uneasiness in their eyes when they talk to me. What? Don’t make that houlier than thou expressions!

    Okay la..DIY DIY jugak. But straighten up yourself before you look at people. But not all of them are that. Only a bunch I think. Tapi ye la.. setitik susu, rosak nila sebelanga.

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