Amin Iskandar: Sejarah Kebangkitan Gwangju pada 18 Mei 1980


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. gunhee says:

    cannot understand bahasa malaysia, but it’s great to see someone from a different part of the world mention “gwangju pada 18 mei 1980.” both my parents are from gwangju, and have often told me about the alleged atrocities done by chun doo hwan and his running dogs. actually, people in and from gwangju have long been treated like palestinians in israel, chchens in russia, albanians in yugoslavia, or kurds in turkey. the cali-based peace punk band, resist and exist, or hangjeongwa siljon as i prefer to call it, has a record wholly dedicated to this tragic yet courageous event, “kwangju.”

    for more info and pics, check out the folloing pages, please:

    thank you for delivering the truth. thank you. terima kasih.


  2. Joe Kidd says:

    hey gunhee, the writer Amin or more well-known as “Black” is now in Gwangju. You should get in touch with the man. Black is now working with the May 18th Memorial Foundation for one whole year. We are all missing him here. The man is also a budding singer-songwriter and used to perform at my shows (Unclogged) as a part of the loose “band” Sampah Masyarakat (Society’s Dregs or Society’s Rubbish). We were in Gwangju together years back, as participants in the Gwangju Biennale.

  3. gunhee says:

    cool, and is there any possibility that he might stop by seoul? anyway let him drop me a line at i haven’t been to gwangju for years, but always wanted to do, and i’m considering bringing some local and foreign bands down there later this year. dunno if amin would share the same interest in punk/hardcore, but, well, whatever.

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