CANCELLED!! All the way from Vienna, Austria: Kurwa Aparata Southeast Asian Tour 2005


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. Allen says:

    Hi! all. Can we also host a tour/gig in the Phils.? we can book them for a national tour.

    Im involved with the Manila Infoshop Projekt – – Check out our site for details of our activities and an open publishing site at

    Look forward to hear from you all… stay in touch.

    with the wild,

    Allen Valerie

  2. hey allen,

    thanks for the shout. we have a good friend is manila, which you may know. his name is emman or emmanuel. he’s helping out Vivisick and also Steve Towson for their dates in the philippines. anyway, it’s good to know that we have another friend who’s willing to help. One KL band is planning to play there in August and I hope it’ll happen. Maybe you can help too. We’ll keep you posted on the developments.

    please don’t be a stranger from now on!

    keep in touch,


    the ricecookery ktchen crew

    BTW; when will we see Pinoy bands playing here eh? Air Asia is now flying there and back, and that’s way cheaper than usual.

  3. ein says:

    hello there..
    bleh tak aku nak bawa kurwa aparata ni main kat ipoh…kalau leh bg satu tarikh kat aku..


  4. shammir says:

    boleh, tapi weekday sahaja terbaik hari jumaat ..

  5. ein says:

    hari sabtu ahad dah full ke…hari tu aku suruh mat tanya ko pasal gig ni la…pas tu dia suruh aku tanya sendiri.aku nak pegi umah ko tak sempat…kalau oleh buat hari sabtu atau ahad ok jugak tu….

  6. shammir says:

    weekend dah penuh, tengok date…

  7. ein says:

    aku bincang dulu ngan budak nak organise gig tu..pas tu aku inform ko balik la…

  8. ein says:

    shammir…aku tak jadi bawa diaorg main kat ipoh..ada masalah sikit…sorry

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