CoreRockMoon Distro: Against Me! – “Reinventing Axl Rose” Cassette Out Now!

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  1. xnizangx says:

    for those who might be curious, the kemaman-based small label got permission from the band themselves to release this malaysian/SEA pressing here. it’ll be limited to 200 pcs only. some copies will be shipped to the US, so 190++ copies left.

  2. kokoro says:

    used to be great band.their first few albums are my favourite of all time.used to sing about anarchy, basement shows,goverment and shit but has now let down so many fans(i.e me) sold out and are on a major label(sire).their last album was such a disappointment but it still has some good songs.

    still gonna buy this though.their best album IMO

  3. thee dr. says:

    Distro out of Kemaman? Who runs it?

  4. xnizangx says:

    they’re two guys by the name aniq and parid. but seems to change their label’s name with each releases from community coalition circle records, to crop circle records to core rock moon records. the latest hopefully will stick…u know, it means korok mung! (tengkorak kau!) so it reflects the east-coastness of the label. anyway, previously they released besthoven’s the best of in tape format. it’s really rare. only 100 pcs worldwide, and only them releasing it. and this release is another rare item, and u might find it on e-bay 5 years to come.

  5. this tape available at ricecooker shop !!!

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