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  1. asa takkan mati says:

    check this out! from our “tools of the trade” members.

    “Cinta adalah abstrak, tepati janji dan tidak tinggal penerbangan. Cinta adalah membayar hutang seperti yang dijanjikan. Bawa duit yang secukupnya untuk jamming.” – Kia, Tools of the Trade

    “Cinta adalah salah satu komponen dalam kehidupan yang lahir secara natural dalam kehidupan seseorang.” – Tiong, Tools of the Trade

    “Teramat besar dan rumit untuk dihuraikan. Terlalu agung untuk diungkap oleh kata-kata. Terlampau dalam untuk diselami. Se-indah dan se-kejam mungkin.“ – Emi, Tools of the Trade

    ‚ÄúCinta itu ialah ‘check in’.‚Äù ‚Äì Wan, Tools of the Trade

    “Cinta itu buta.” – Amir, Tools of the Trade

    thank you!

  2. asa takkan mati says:

    “It’s overrated. It comes in a box.. if you know what i mean.” – Erma, Dented

    94 more to go. thanks! 🙂

  3. asa takkan mati says:

    “You don’t get to choose, you just fall.” – Dayana Alaidin,


  4. asa takkan mati says:

    “Love is not blind. It sees, but doesn’t mind” – Aida, CIMB Berhad

  5. morbid says:

    “Cinta..ibarat kentut
    makin dipendam makin gelisah…
    bila di lepaskan … … .
    ahhhhhhh lega rasanya… … .”

  6. epit says:

    love makes us adorably stupid

  7. xhadix says:

    cinta ibarat racun bahaya yang sangat enak. anda boleh bahagia, lali, khayal atau mati kerananya

    boleh ambil tulisan di sini untuk ketidak/sama an. percuma

  8. lyla says:

    love is rage. it puts all at once-anger, tears, happiness, lonely, jealousy..
    it comes unexpectedly ;uninvited.
    we fight for love, for makes us a complete human makes us feel like we’re important to somebody even though others might not consider you.
    but who cares. love is the filling in our heart, our soul, to shine on others, to spread the love to others.=)

  9. lyla says:

    and to fael, be strong! =)

  10. Cher says:

    Please: I know these winter days go on and on and on but know, spring is coming soon. Spring is tempting us, sometimes, with spots of heat to warm our cold limbs, melts the snow away until night falls and the snow storms blow through, but never fear. No, wake up and breathe the fearless changing air. And please: believe in beautiful things. believe in the sun coming up, believe in a warm hand, believe in the future and believe in this very second. Things are horrible, things are cold, but you are alive and living and breathing and constantly changing. and everytime the air feels stale, please, remember to breathe: continue the cycle of feeding the trees and keeping your heart going. Because what else is there to do but continue? Please. believe in good hearts. believe in your own good heart, strong and beating, restless and sound; believe in the rest of humanity, thousands and thousands and thousands of tiny heartbeats and sets of lungs slowly rising and falling. This life, it hurts sometimes, and you cry to sleep and you wake up heavy-hearted but remember: the earth does not stop. Your heart keeps going and your limbs keep moving and you sleep it off, you wake up new, and you face the day with eager, shining eyes, and you love with a full, full heart.

  11. dean says:

    love lost, live life

  12. Fizan says:

    sweet words, mesmerized feeling, too honest, too sacred, too much words compliment, too much confident, broken hearts, complicated love, love and love.
    well most guys just easily fall in love with ‘gadis yang berdahi licin’ i believe just for the sake of sex. Guys cheated womyn to have a sex.
    Don’t believe in me? Please learn Quantum mechanics..Kalau taknak tak apalah, dengar aje lah lyric Morissey dan baca buku Khalil Gibran! Takpun mintak aje ‘ayat2 power’ kat Joe..ataupun Robert Eggpant..haha

    love = sex

    Thank you.

  13. serah/dir-(i). says:

    morbid, hadi, lyla, cher & fizan, thank you for the good one!

    epit & dean, come on man, i was expecting more from you! haha.. thanks anyway.

    also, received a few quotes through, there are about 80 quotes to go, still.


  14. rysa says:

    “love makes us adorably stupid” – EPIT

    omg.. so sweet!! suka gila. cause it’s so true.

  15. rysa says:

    being in love is a never ending task of having to reload you hp every few days or picking the best maxis plan for hp bills so you’ll stay connected.

    to love is to appreciate. when you no longer show appreciation it’ll just fade away.

  16. zach says:

    Kesinambungan dari Pijan serta dipengaruhi perumpamaan klise “cinta ibarat kurap, makin digaru makin sedap”, maka lahirlah perumpamaan di bawah ini:

    “Cinta ibarat seks, makin dikemut makin sedap”.

    Haha. Boleh?

  17. Fizan says:

    tak sedap! sakit!
    kena make a good romance, kasi berair, berahi, fully concentrate, get privacy, healthy and intact sex organ.

    hoi zack, nampak benor kau ni hardcore! hahah
    cover2 lah skit jack! gua tau kontol lu power! hahaha

    i hate sex pistols.

  18. zach says:

    apa berair berair, berahi berahi ni? wey, malu la sikit. jangan la dedahkan kepoweran i kat sini. haha.

  19. zach says:

    Okay, on a serious note, here’s my piece of thought:

    Love is expecting the unexpected. To love someone deeper is to discover yourself better. Love is also to compromise and to accept weaknesses of the others.

  20. rasmusbanana says:

    -Love?? who really know what it is?

    -Love is like a fire, it can grow uncontrolable befor you know it.

    -just because you dont, it doesnt mean that two members of the same sex cant be in love

    -I love mommy and dady (my little sister)

    -love is not the opposite of hate. love is a feeling so strong there is no words to describe its opposite.

    -better to have loved n lost then to have never loved at all.

  21. serah/dir-(i). says:

    terima kasih, zach. i like the serious quote than the “not so” serious one. hehehe..

    “Better to have loved n lost then to have never loved at all.” – very awesome rasmusbanana!!

  22. xhadix says:

    love is mysterious. Many are afraid of love, but also afraid of not having one.

  23. epit says:

    Love is…

    Love is our winter cloak
    It is the sip of water when we choke

    Love is our daytime shade
    It overlays all the mistakes we’ve made

    Love is our home and our shelter
    It is our ever so faithful bedtime storyteller

    Love is a lush eternal tree
    It concurs when everyone else fails to agree

    Love is a fairy dressed in blue
    It doesn’t exist yet it is so very true

    Love corroborates grandeur
    It is not for those whose heart is poor

    Love is boundless as long as we try
    Love is forever you and I

  24. serah/dir-(i). says:

    laah.. epit marah ke? hehe.. thank u, dude! i’ll treat u a “bihun sup tak nak lauk” ok.

  25. robd says:

    cinta itu indah bila di amati,
    cinta itu sakit bila di dalami,
    cinta itu indah bila ia pasti,
    cinta itu sakit bila di curigai,
    cinta itu indah bagai pelangai,
    cinta itu sakit bila sepi,
    cinta itu indah kerna ia revolusi,
    cinta itu sakit kerna ia benar-benar wujud.

  26. Love.. it beat the drum of the heart
    the one that order you to live your life
    the one that make your passion rise
    that made you reach the things that is impossible

    Love.. sometime it struck deep within the core
    make you sorrow and crumble to the floor
    but with the help of hope and dreams
    it brings you back up on your knees

    Love.. it tell a hidden message
    within the morse code of the hormone
    transfer to one another like virus
    it make you sick with hard warm feeling

    Love.. it can bring down the great wall
    with mighty hammer of lust
    it shatter the sound of silence
    and raise the flag of alliance

    Love… it Conquers all…

    Aiman 😛

  27. rizie says:

    orang yang sedang bercinta mcm aiman memang sesuai tulis2 quote ni..hehehehehhe

  28. serah/dir-(i). says:

    thank you, aiman.

    *guys, the progress is very slow. as now, i only have 25 thoughts. 75 more to goal. really need your help to spreads it!

  29. lalalialia says:

    cinta itu bila aku bertemu kamu
    cinta itu bila kamu menyapa aku
    cinta itu bila kamu bertanya tentang aku
    cinta itu bila kamu membuat aku tersenyum
    cinta itu bila aku dan kamu sudah menjadi kita
    cinta itu bila kamu mengengam erat jemari ku
    cinta itu bila kamu menjilat tangisku
    cinta itu bila aku terkulai dibahu mu
    cinta itu bila kamu mengucup pipi ku
    cinta itu bila kamu melamar ku
    cinta itu bila kita bahagia
    cinta itu bila kamu dan aku kekal untuk selamanya…

  30. muhd amirull says:

    aku pegang bulu-bulu hitam lembut itu
    bau memang hancing dan hamis
    jika ‘dia’ muncul di tengah2 ghairah hormon remaja pasti dimaki
    rasa itu tak pernah timbul dan di rasa
    lemak,gemuk di tak pernah pandang
    bila lapar datang la dia
    membawa lelah dan penat berjalan

    meski aku gemuk tak menjadi prejudis
    sebab aku cinta dia

    dia aka dendut

  31. ssp says:

    Cipap Inginkan SentuhaN Tari-Tangan Anda

  32. Cinta adalah seperti Skol Super yang bernyawa.

  33. weasel says:

    Love is animals, animals never waged war, who’s the real animals?

  34. hasrul says:

    ada bilang cinta itu hanya hormon,
    naluri yang mematuhi hukum berpasang pasangan,
    meribut kalut bergelut dalam dada,
    melerai kusut pengubat duka,
    ada bilang cinta itu hanya nafsu untuk hati,
    bisa buat hati berseri,
    bisa buat hati mati sendiri,
    sedang begitu tetap juga ia dicari,
    cinta itu pembodohan yang jelas,

  35. xnizangx says:


  36. xnizangx says:


  37. f.loren says:

    its been crazy,
    i’ve been in love for too long.
    wake me up when the love song stops.

  38. radzi sinclair says:

    love drives us in this world…..
    if u love wealth…then u end up as capitalist or a con man
    if u love the truth…u will be ur self
    love is what u are

  39. fendy says:

    melihat sesuatu
    kadang kala tidak dapat diduga
    seakan tidak percaya
    tetapi apabila

    berlaku dihadapan mata
    berlaku disekeliling kita

    kita melihat dengan mata kita sendiri
    itulah realiti
    tiada yang mustahil sekarang ini

    perlukan perubahan?
    ya atau tidak
    bergantung pada diri sendiri

    itulah cinta, datang dan pergi.

  40. fendy says:

    Cinta dalam dunia ini tidak semua apa yang kita yang kita mahukan, kita akan dapat


    tidak semua yamg kita tidak perlukan, kita tidak akan dapat.

  41. serah/dir-(i). says:

    thank you guys for your awesome contributions.

    truly sorry, i can’t wait anymore, have to proceed with next stage. i managed to get 33 thoughts. 63 more to success. hmm.. 🙁

    but it’s ok. thanks again.

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