Saturday, 4th October 2008: Nasik Dagang Raya Jamm III @ Kuala Terengganu

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  1. xnizangx says:

    i was ambushed and pulled out by 5 nazi punks during this gig. all wearing doc mart boots and ready to kick, punch and step on me anytime if i said the wrong words. “guna otak, jaga mulut!”. all because of i wrote ‘racists, fascists and homophobes not welcome’ on a flyer for a gig last year.

    the organizer of this gig (a 16 year old kid) got kicked (by two kids-one from No Dog’s Body-a malay power neo nazi punk band), pulled out, punched twice, and slapped once by ‘the hero of the day’ who brainwashed, warned and threatened me earlier that day. they were not satisfied because they want their friends’ band to play. but the organizer asked to wait until all bands on the list finished first. anyway, i salute u carin for being daring and face the ‘heroes of the day’.

    terengganu music scene is totally destroyed now, and was always been like this maybe. it’s either u become nazi-sympathy to be safe or got hunt down and beaten by those gang who warned me that they have no doubt to stab anyone who kutuk them with knife that they always bring.

    and i’m a little lucky because i’m malay. if not, they’ll not talk to me but rather beat me to shreds without any last prayers.

    i know a lot of the hc/punk kids are forced to be friends with them, just to be safe in their own hometown. and i’m a little lucky since i live in KL (hopefully) but i pity my friends in KT who still want to fight these “nazi-heroes”.

    if you guys have suggestions, feel free to comment. thanks.

  2. thee dr. says:

    Yeah-I would love for one of these ‘Malay power kangkang’ motherfuckers to come up to me at a show and try to start some shit…remember that old line from (the pre-reformed) A.C.A.B. : ‘I don’t care how many the Banglas are’…? Well, in this case, it would be ‘I don’t care how many the Nazis are’ ! I wouldn’t even give a shit about the provinicial ‘tempat orang’ mentality-if you’re wrong, you’re wrong. I’m glad you weren’t too badly injured Zang!! Keep us up to date on this!!

  3. shahrizalisme says:

    Wah… Nizang, Teganu still got this ‘set megang dan ganas’ event in music scene? Dah lama tak balik KT but it looks like those boys still have the same mentality…

  4. scum` says:

    there’s a jamming session at Kelana Jaya this 19th oct 08 and its FREE! semua band yg main haram aku tak kenal kecuali band malay power BROWN ATTACK yang aku tak tau cemana dorg boleh turut serta dalam gig tu. ni flyer dia :

    aku tak pasti band band lain yg turut serta tak tau psl band malay power ni atau pun main belasah join je sbb nak exposekan band dorg walaupun have to share the stage dgn band malay power tu. aku ngan kwn kwn lain dh berkomunikasi dgn organiser iaitu PENTAS dan yeah, they dont fucking care!

  5. xnizangx says:

    yeah, brown attack and spiderwar recently played in kuala terengganu. i heard, no one went to the gig. it’s a bad exposure anyhow and there a re alot of bands nowadays don’t care about this ‘racism’ issue. one band have ‘Plague of Happiness’ as their top friend on MySpace, and also Brown Attack and Spiderwar too on their top friends. How can this happen when POH is a totally anti-racist band and those other two are malay-power bands. to them, it’s all about music and we have to put aside our ideologies. fuck. “we have to support each other and have fun together because we are malays”. fuck u!

  6. New decade same shits !! BOYCOTT !!

    fuck nazi-sympathy .. you know who they’re !!

  7. thee dr. says:

    Yeah!! Fuck supremacy of any kind-white, Malay, black, whatever! Shit’s stupid as fuck! Question is: what are you guys gonna do about it now that you know this? Two words: machete warfare!!!

  8. scum` says:

    betul tuh nizang.
    mmg dah makin banyak org buat band tanpa mengambil peduli tentang etika.
    dgn adanya gig campuran mcm ni, maka lahirlah scene malay power sympathy.
    bila dah ada scene malay power sympathy, maka naik tocang la mereka. huhu.

  9. rizie says:

    biler naik tocang,dieorang akan rekrut geng lain untuk join dieorang,biler dieorang dah ramai,dieorang akan carik pasal..biler dah cari pasal,dieorang akan start pukul orang..SHIT!!!

  10. shahrizal says:

    darah maruah dan yang seangkatan dengannya boleh pergi mampos! tolerate no more!

  11. redneckhope says:

    Nazis-Heroes : Fucking Bigot.
    Malay Power : Another damn ass Bigotist.

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