24 Reasons: Why They’re Starving While Others Gain Billions square-shaped 8″ – Out Now! SOLD OUT!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. thee dr. says:

    Yes!-This is just the trade I have been looking for! Please-hold on to a copy for me…I’m serious. Can Enslaved Chaos be far behind…?

    Also: kind of off-topic but we have uploaded a rare live version of our song ‘Lies’ on our myspace page-the version you’ll hear is the way it was meant to be played! It has a kind of heavy new-school groove but..check it out and let us know what you think: http://www.myspace.com/fascistinsect

    One last thing: Pure Minds Records will be releasing both of our EPs on tape-they are also in our top on myspace and I consider them our label at the moment, so-big shout out to Gulam and crew! Check out their page-they have a lot of good releases and are doing a lot of things to be excited about.

  2. to Mat – sorry i can’t trade this records

    price – RM55 x 2 = RM110
    postage – RM31.40 + 3.90 (register mail) = 35.30

    total = RM145.30

    convert to USD currency (+/-) = USD45
    actually i sell a copy worldwide is USD27ppd for square 8″

    if you using paypal (plus 5% for paypal fee = USD2.25)

    total = USD47.50

    my paypal account = shammirmaarof@yahoo.com


  3. another note * please confirm as soon as possible, so we could reserved the records for you now cos its sell fast ..

  4. thee dr. says:

    Shammir-I’m in, buddy-reserve 2 and…you will be receiving the money over the next couple of days. I’m gonna round it out to $US50.00 just for the sake of consistency-Thank you very much!!!

  5. thee dr. says:

    P.S.: It will come from the fascistinsect@hotmail.com address.

  6. thee dr. says:

    Done and done-be on the lookout-I have already e-mailed my mailing addres to Joe so thank fine gentlemen again.

  7. yes, recieved the payment – for the few bucks – i’ll send extra items inside the parcel .. thanks so much, shammir

  8. thee dr. says:

    No, thank you kind sir…I mean, really-where am I ever gonna find shit like this? I remember seeing you guys at TMS Disco Dangdut in Kuantan in ’96 when Adik was on bass. As soon as you guys started up ‘Multinational Corporations/Instinct of Survival’ the crowd went APESHIT- it was on eof the unruliest singalongs I have ever seen-it was unforgettable. Then I remember playing with you guys and Nuclear War at Lips Boom Boom for what was kind of our ‘cassette release’ show (remember that shit?) So-you guys are really more influential than you give yourself credit for-HC with some Crust tendencies and a collectivist attitude towards line-up? I mean, who since has ever done that? It was a stroke of genius…but anyhoo-thanks again-have a good holiday!!!

  9. currently only 2 copies left – and it wouldn’t be re press at same format again !! thanks those who spend hard earned money for this records.

  10. coming soon !!

    the bollocks – revolution 8″ records (round shape- limited 20 copies only)

  11. thee dr. says:

    Sweeet-sign me up for a couple of those bad boys too!!!

  12. haq says:

    shammir, tolong simpan satu. lepas raya aku dtg rice cooker amik. sekali nak hantar stuff 3rd arm yg baru. please update ape yg ade, dah abis, nak tambah, nak byr. thanks. selamat hari raya.

  13. OK – tak silap aku, semua dah habis kot ..
    nanti kita print stock update – dah siap.
    bawa aje barang barang baru.

    datang lah, banyak juga vinyls kat kedai

  14. thee dr. says:

    Here’s an update on our split with Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium (www.myspace.com/necrocannibalisticvomitorium)-Anthony from Must!! Play!! Faster!! distro who is handling it said he should recieve some test copies soon and if they are good-they are going to go ahead and get pressed-any questions, hit me or Alexey from NxVx up for details.



  15. hello all

    just a short update, 24 REASONS ‚Äì Why they’re starving while others gain billions – square shape 8″ records SOLD OUT !!!
    thanks so much for those that brought this records.. in the future, maybe we’ll release triangle shape 8″ records, whose know ?
    nothing confirm yet …

    in works :
    the bollocks – revolution round shape 8″
    nunslaughter – unholy hell round shape 8″ (almost sold out)

    in the future :
    fistula/ SMG – split square shape 8″
    ATW – fast god fucking violence round shape 5″

  16. thee dr. says:

    Hellyeah!!! Save a couple copies of those Bollocks discs…as for NunSlaughter-they’re from Clevo so it’s pretty easy to find their stuff here-I always see Don at My Mind’s Eye or Jim at the Jigsaw…you should check out his other band Schnauzer-they’ve got a pretty good reputation…

  17. if you talk about project band done by Don or Jim

    currently – i love satanic threat !!

    soon – i’ll release them on pro tape.

  18. thee dr. says:

    Yeah they played the 9/11 Fest here along with the quasi-legendary Caustic Christ-I was too busy tailgating to realize they had played! Schnauzer is Jim’s main band I’ve seen them a couple of times with AxCx and Bloodwolf, respectively…as for NunSlaughter-they were supposed to play Halloween at Now That’s Class!, but then the show was taken down…hmm…

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