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Neural Discord Recordings: American Tape Label

Got a mail from John of Neural Discord Recordings just now. The tape label have just started its operation this year but already released 11 cassettes. Specializing in the more experimental/noise/improv end of the spectrum, the label is looking for interested distros to collaborate with.


Noisemonger Records: Think!Tadpole!Think! / Keladak Split-Tape

Local heavy-grunge/stoner-rock murky collision team KELADAK announced the upcoming release of this split tape today; the band will sharing the sides with local avant-jazz/rock jesters THINK!TADPOLE!THINK!, a band you can’t really put in box to begin with!


Nervhous Records: GREENWELL – Break Your Shell CD

Japanese Ska-Punk, released by Nervhous Records (apparently one of the last few releases before the label would fold up its operations). Mostly influenced by 90s Japanese punk rock movement (Hi-Standard, Kemuri, Husking Bee, Fruity, etc.).